What goes through your mind as your phone alerts you that your boo-thang has hit you up with a text message? You might be smiling hard, containing your excitement, or just curious to see what he wants. 

Paying attention to if and how much someone likes you can be found in how they text with you. We all are extroverts and rely on text messing to grow relationships as far as communication goes these days. If you want to know how he’s feeling, you must pay attention to his messages — or lack thereof. Here’s how to tell he likes you via his texting style.

1. He texts you first thing in the morning.

A lot of guys aren’t into sending those good ole “good morning” texts unless they really like you. Fact. It feels pretty good waking up to a text like this means you were one of the first things he thought of when he opened his eyes. If he isn’t a morning person and he still texts, you when he gets up it’s a sure thing that he likes you.

2. What you want to eat?

The key to a woman’s heart can sometimes be found right along with good food. If a guy is considered with whether you are hungry, he cares about you. Girl, you know you didn’t want to pay for anything if he’s about treating!

3. He keeps the conversation moving.

He isn’t a guy who is a dry texter. That’s why he keeps asking questions, even after you respond with a one-worded answer. Of course, he’s trying to get to know you better, but he also wants to keep you interested in him. He’s also letting you know that you have his attention.

4. He Hasn’t Talked About Sex or Nudes

Girl, there’s no bigger turn-off than someone you barely know texting about sex. It can make you feel uncomfortable and quickly let you know what he’s about. I’m not saying he can’t be flirty or overly revealing of his “goods,” but he shouldn’t be coming in hot asking about your kinks and turn-offs. A guy who really likes you isn’t going to text like that, so early on in getting to know you.

5. He Wants To See You In Person

He’s texting with a purpose. That purpose is to spend time together without electronics. We’ve probably all found ourselves in “relationships” where the only time we spoke was via phone. Those types of relationships hardly ever last long! It’s a good thing that he’s texting you, but it’s even better that he’s placing in the effort to making time for you.

6. He tells you how he feels about you.

There’s nothing more certain about how a guy feels then when he tells you his emotions. He can make it clear that he likes you then there’s no mix signals or a waste of time being exchange. Once he can tell you what he would like to establish with you then moving forward should be the next step.

7. He gets personal.
He wants to know more about you. Your goals, credit, family, and even your current job or career. It’s not just that he’s physically interested, but he’s also trying to connect on an emotional level. He seeks to gain a deeper understanding of who you are; learn what makes you tick and figure out your passions. He wouldn’t be trying to peel back your many layers if he was after just one thing.

8. He sends thoughtful texts.

He may send you a bible verse to help you throughout your day, recommend a book, album, or a place to chill and see the views. He thinks about you even when his life may be rough. He wants to see and hear you at peace. He desires to make and keep you happy. Don’t take his thoughtfulness for granted.

9. He Lets You In

Believe it or not, you want a guy who talks about himself. Maybe not all the time, but enough for you to understand who he is as a person and his motives. A guy who answers questions ambiguously is sketchy and probably doesn’t really like you and has hidden ill motives. Is he providing detailed (or at least semi-detailed) information? He’s into you in a big way and don’t doubt it, boo.

10. He’s Considered About You

He would send you texts about how your day was and responses back with a phone call. He asks you about your relationships with your family or friends and how they affect you. He digs deep. Your well-being is a priority for him. If you need something, you shouldn’t feel hesitant to ask him.

11. Can we FaceTime or Video Chat?

He wants to see you and knows that he needs the okay to send you a FaceTime or video chat. He’s also not about hiding behind text messages. If he isn’t the type to video chat, then that’s a red flag. You must be sure of who you are always chatting with. People still be catfishing out here, unfortunately. 

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