During this time many people are out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. The month of March is also national Lymphedema awareness month too. Being that my state has been under a stay at home order issued by the governor I have been practicing social distancing. 

Reading a story to my son before bath time while wearing one of the two garments.

Living with lymphedema during this pandemic can be difficult for many people. Some may find it difficult to maintain a balanced diet that is low to no salt intake and not eating many sweets or even junk food. I have found it even more essential to keep my lymphedema under control by wearing a Sigvaris Chipsleeve garment.

The Chipsleeve garment by Sigvaris is filled with chip foam. Chip foam uses open-cell chips to massage and stimulates fluid to move throughout your calf and foot. What I found amazing was also the channel formations that are seen in the design of the garment that is a channel designed to direct the flow of the fluid. This particular garment is also made with a fabric that contains moisture-wicking properties and bacteriostatic! 

I know bacteriostatic is a word many of us aren’t familiar with if we are compression sock only wearing people. However, the great thing about this garment having bacteriostatic is that it helps to controls any odor. The Chipsleeve garment is great to be used as an underliner for bandaging or even as an independent compression garment for Lymphedema Stages 1 and 2.

More about the Chipsleeve features.

As it does claims the Chipsleeve full leg garment provides a mild to moderate gradient compression. The compression is felt from the foot to the knee. When I first tried my Chipsleeve on I was impressed by how easy it was to slide on and slide off even with having on the non-compressive cotton liners and oversleeve on. It is also not a sweaty feel on my legs or foot as the night progresses. I slept with my garment for three nights straight after putting it on after bathing and did not experience sleeping uncomfortably.

The garment is also not heavy and feels as if I have wrap on my leg and foot. 

The compression is 20-25mmHg. I would suggest wearing shorts of some sort while having it on. I also would not suggest wearing both left and right garments to sleep unless you truly want to. If your Lymphedema is more noticeable in one foot or leg then wearing the garments a few hours during the day or after work could be a huge help. 

I also thought that the Chipsleeve can “look” a tad bit bulky to some. I also choose to wear one garment upon my left leg. My left foot also swells more than my right foot and can carry more fluid. I will also mention that the full leg compression and can give off those Michelin man vibes too just if you are a little bit more curious about the overall look. However, I can easily move around with the compression garment on around my home with no issues.

Overall, my swelling in my feet did seem more controlled than if I am just wearing my compressions of the same mmHg. I would recommend this garment to anyone who wants to try a new compression garment that is fully functional and is step up from your regular compression socks and bandaging.

I am also a SIGfluencer which means that I Sigvaris Group has helped me find simple solutions for treating and managing my secondary lymphedema and others who may need help. This is my honest experience and thoughts on the compression garment. If you have any questions are concerns email Sigvaris. 

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On the website, you can find a retailer in your state or the area that carries the same and even other compression garments by Sigvaris.

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