What’s love got to do with seeing eye to eye with your spouse during a pandemic? Well, a whole lot! There have been reports of a spike in applications for divorce in the Chinese city of Xi'an. From many couples having been quarantined in close-quarter there are now many lawyers are predicting a similar phenomenon will hit the United States.

It has now been about two weeks and countless couples are being forced to spend days or weeks cooped up at home together. Then to make matters ever a bit heavier, Twitter users pointed out, in many tweets: "You can't spell divorce without COVID."

I am a stay at home mom who has grown quite aquated to being alone with her child daily for long hours at a time. Once COVID-19 cases began to flood the state of Louisiana my parish became impacted quickly. I can only imagine how many couples are being impacted because of the quarantine.

I decided that I was going to become even more precautions with my husband once he made it home from work daily. My precautions paid off greatly. Right, when my husband would come home, he would take off his work clothes in the living room and place them directly into the washing machine. Then he would head straight to the bathroom to shower.

Then the week of his birthday March 19th he ended up becoming ill. He ran a fever of 104. He said that he did not notice his body running a fever until he ate from a different restaurant and ended up with a stomachache. I knew then that I couldn’t allow my duties as a wife around the house to go in vain. I started cleaning and washing a load of laundry a day instead of twice a week.

We kept as much distance away from one another and with our son until his symptoms dissipated. We are sure it was just a bad stomach virus and not the Coronavirus, but he was still set on going get screen if he did not get well within the same week. We are used to one being at home with one another, so it did not have a negative impact on our marriage like others. Communication, respect, and understanding is always key in our household and marriage.

So, here’s what we have learned from spending time together during this quarantine, before he heads back to work.

We both desire our own personal space daily.
Naps are essential to those who need them.
Going outside for 30 mins to an hour a day to get vitamin d is great and free.
Sometimes showering without one another is just as peaceful as showering together.
Allow one another to snack and vibe out to their music daily.

Things you and your spouse can do during this quarantine to pass time together.

Watch a movie or documentary.
Massage one another.
Reflect on long- and short-term goals.
Create a grocery list and meal plan for the week.
Get in the kitchen and cook together.
Create a few desserts together.
Do a few workouts.
Dance to praise and worship.
Start a devotional.
Start a bible plan.
Create a game afternoon or night with your child or children.
Fold clothes together and make it a game.
Pick and listen to an Audible book.

If you may have found this blog post helpful feel free to let me know in the comment section below!

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