Step your ass away from the scale! That's what I always tell myself after feeling like I may have gained weight, I'm bloated, or felt as if I need to know just because.

Getting on the scale can be a reality check for many people to stick to their workouts, cut out giving in to their cravings, and even to motivate them to want to lose weight. I understand how discouraging it can be stepping on the scale and seeing the number is more significant than what it was when you first weighed yourself. However, that number on the scale doesn't have to discourage you from wanting to feel better about yourself.

When I first started jumping rope for exercise purposes, I felt intimidated by my own ability. I questioned myself about why my stomach wasn't slimming down quickly even with additional cardio and fat burning workouts, I then always wondered why I was still out of breath, and if my best was good enough.

I talked myself down and was discouraged by my own progress. It took me a month into doing my cardio workouts, especially jumping rope to value the change my body made. For me, it was no longer about gaining a flat stomach, it was about working out and feeling accomplished once I was done. 

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My progress is what I had to own no matter how it may look or seem to others. I now jump at least 3-5 times a week for 20-35 minutes just to get my cardio workout in. I stopped focusing on the number on my scale, my belly, and just putting in the effort to a better and healthier body and mindset.

We can all doubt ourselves, even when and while others may be witnessing our growth and potential. It takes faith within yourself to not give up on yourself. Give yourself enough grace and compassion to understand why you desire a better mindset and or active lifestyle.

Write it down and keep your thoughts on paper somewhere you can always refer back to. You deserve to feel better! You deserve to look at yourself and appreciate all your efforts, no matter if they are physical, mental, or spiritual towards bettering yourself.

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