Maybe you just do not need a bouquet of flowers, candy, and or a bottle of your favorite wine to put a smile on your own face. Sometimes you want something a little bit more personal than you can always hold on to for the years to come. Maybe you have overlooked card shopping, but it may be something you may want to consider doing for yourself. I am not talking about a gift card. 

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That is up to you, boo. I am talking about a "sentimental pick me up card." The card you buy for yourself does not have to be a Hallmark card. Just whenever you get an opportunity to head out to Target, Walgreens, Walmart, or even Dollar Tree take a walk down their card aisle and find one for yourself. We all can use a self-encouragement, self-love, or thank you card these days.

I think it is also a thoughtful act that counts. Taking your time to choose a card that makes you smile, laugh, or even feel warm on the inside is worth the effort. I am going to be doing more card shopping from this moment on out. While I was in Walgreen's on a quick beauty pick up, I wanted to get a card for myself. My husband was even surprised when he saw that I bought a card. 

He immediately asked if I was dropping hints that he needs to do better. I told him no, I wanted to do better for myself for a chance. You see, even as a married woman of almost seven years, self-love, self-care, and appreciation are all traits that I never want to lose sight of and to ever stop practicing. Celebrate your wins no matter how small they may seem and put a smile on your own face without feeling the need to overspend.

Let me know if you will try or have ever purchased yourself a "just because" card. If you haven't, maybe you may want to try it out and keep it somewhere to look back at it. 

My Just Because Card

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