‘Tis the season whenever you want to celebrate! It’s no secret, and neither do I feel ashamed about letting anyone know when I put up my Christmas tree. This year I made a purchase of a new Christmas Tree from my local Home Depot just a day after the lights were turned back on from the damaged Hurrican Zeta caused to my area in southeast Louisiana. 

Photo by Pathum Danthanarayana on Unsplash

While other people were shopping for flashlights, gas cans, wood, and etc. I was shopping for the perfect artificial tree. 2020 has already been exhausting, painful, shocking, and rewarding. Here’s are five reasons why I put up my Christmas Tree before Thanksgiving.

It makes me smile and brings me joy

Putting up my Christmas tree is a little work, but it is worth it! I enjoy looking at my tree and the effort that I placed into making it look beautiful. It’s not about the gifts that accumulate underneath it. I just love being able to experience the beauty of the tree because it lights up a special corner in my home.

I love the festive touch to my home

It’s the Christmas lights that draw me in every year. I open the windows to my living room in the late afternoon just so people can look and see my tree. I enjoy being able to wind down with a warm cup of tea or cocoa with the lights off just to take in the beauty of my tree.

I Christmas Shop Early & My Husband does the wrapping.

I’m not good at wrapping presents at all. I’m more of a throw the gift in a gift bag with the pretty wrapper and love kind of girl! Anyhow, my husband loves to wrap gifts and takes great pride in doing it. I shop early, and I am always eager to just start placing gifts under the tree.

I enjoy decorating for the holidays early

Just like I love to shop early for gifts, I also love to Christmas décor shop early as well! There’s always so many different Christmas décor that catches my eye and even Christmas themes to choose from. Plus, when I shop for holiday décor early on, I sometimes score great deals that aren’t last minute.

It’s a conversation starter for guests.

Whenever someone comes over and I open the living room door, they cannot help but see my tree. They often ask questions about the ornaments and décor that I used on the tree too. I also enjoy just talking about anything Christmas because it’s my favorite holiday of them all.


It is not complete just, yet. I'm glad it is up!

Christmas comes and goes quickly. Before we know it, we are bringing in the New Year. If you would like to share your thoughts in the comment section below! Don’t hesitate to put up your Christmas tree. Just go for it!

Information on my tree does include an affiliated link:

7.5 ft Wesley Long Needle Pine Unlit Artificial Christmas Tree

All ornaments came from Big Lots as well.

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