Here are the 20 words that came to my mind when I thought about Jesus today! Let's dive in!

  1. Loving
  2. Kind
  3. Understanding
  4. Forgiving
  5. Pursing
  6. Relentless
  7. Selfish
  8. Greatness
  9. Undeniable
  10. Trustworthy
  11. Friendly
  12. Father
  13. Comedian
  14. Creator
  15. Savior
  16. Mercy
  17. Grace
  18. Sufficient
  19. Powerful
  20. Worship


I took some time to just write out these 20 words that came to my mind when I thought about Jesus this morning. Some may ask why I listed the word comedian? Jesus knows how to add a plot twist to our lives' story at even giving a minute of the day. There have been plenty of times in our lives that we can possibly recall taking matters into our own hands, while meanwhile, He had other plans. His plans will always outweigh what we may think or feel is best for us. 

When our effort towards anything or anyone aligns with what He wants for us to learn and grow from, He allows us to continue moving forward. Even in the midst of a season where you feel stagnant and or confused on what’s next or your purpose, He wants you to not lose faith. Do not lose faith in yourself and neither in Him. I understand how it feels to have thoughts of just straying away from Him. 

I used to get upset as an immature Christian and stop reading my bible and even praying. Those were times that I could only listen to gospel music to pull me back into His arms. Worship and forgiveness are what brought me back to Him time after time again. Take some time for yourself today and jot down 20 words that come to mind when you think about Jesus. You can also do this journal prompt whenever you want to reflect on your relationship with Him.

See you back here tomorrow on another day of blogmas!

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