The end of the year is getting close. You don't have to wait until New Year's day to possibly start creating change in your life. You're also probably looking forward to things to come with grace while winding down, having some time to yourself, enjoying some great food, and possibly movies. Ready to bring on 2021? 

Well, I am too, and we have some work to do! If you want to make the most of the year ahead, there are a few items you will possibly want to add to your to-do list for December. Completing these tasks will ensure that you will be going on into the new year with confidence and a clear head as you start planning.

In no particular order, let's get into it.

Build your budget

Even if you don’t have a spending habit on certain things, you don't wait until after you've already celebrated the new year to plan your budget. You can get started this month just in time for next year. Now you don’t have to get all detailed with your budget down to all the little details. Just plan out the month of January and see how things roll out with your finances.

Create a Secret Pinterest Vision Or Mood Board

It’s not a secret anymore that I have a private mood/vision board on my Pinterest account. I started my private board in November just in time for the next year by pinning all things that I desire, love, and have the heart to work towards earning. On your new year mood/vision board, you can pin vacation spots, aesthetics that fit your lifestyle and pursue quotes
you will live by. Overall, it is all up to you and whatever you want out of this lifetime.

Write down a few goals.

What do you want to accomplish next year? It doesn’t matter how small or large the goal. Maybe it is still a victory to achieve. You can write down a few goals in your phone's notes memo, on an app, or even physically in a journal. Write it down and make it plain!

These things are as simple as you allow them to be. I hope that this short things to-do list can be a little inspiration for you or someone else to get somethings started. What are some things you are trying to do before the new year? I know I'm going to be cleaning out my fridge for sure too!


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