4 Things I Did for Christmas Eve 2020

in , by Linda B Hurd, December 24, 2020
I just felt compelled today to do whatever I needed to do to feel comfortable going on into Christmas Day and New Years'. Yesterday, being the day before Christmas Eve, I found myself doing my hair and styling it into a bouncy drawstring ponytail. Sadly, the ponytail that I thought would have made it to at least the night did not make it to this morning.

 Ugh! So much for having high expectations when your hair is short and can’t take tension styles. It’s cool though I bounced back with my hair today! Thank God for an honest and concerned husband because I would wear and sport my slap cap all day if it wasn’t for him telling me that I should restyle my hair. I knew that I had to do my hair, and I sure did follow through with it. Now, let me tell you what I did today for Christmas Eve.

I went to visit my gynecologist. 

I can’t stress how important it is to find a gynecologist that you can trust if you are a woman and commit to those annual checkups. It felt good just knowing that I am on the right track going into 2021 with my yoni!

Enjoyed an audiobook on Audible.

I’m currently physically reading and listening to Legendborn while I was styling my hair in my bathroom. I'm on chapter 6, and I am thoroughly enjoying the book! 

Cleaned My Emails

I did not know how I would get it done because I have never thoroughly decluttered my Google G-mail account. However, I took to Google and found a service that helped me get my email list decluttered under 45 mins for under $10! The service that I am using is called Mailstrom. I was super excited just to sort through emails from over five years ago today that doing the deed felt satisfying. Going into the new year, I will declutter my emails every three months to keep up with having a tidy email presentation for my mental health. 

Took a well-needed nap with my toddler.

I was able to rest today by taking an afternoon nap. Napping is something that I do not do weekly. I usually do not like taking a nap because I usually feel as if I could be doing something productive with the time. I am now just listening to my body and not being stubborn with my own needs. If I need rest, that’s just what I will do rest and not wake up feeling guilty about it.

Later tonight, I will assist my husband in last-minute gift wrapping and hot cocoa making and sipping! I will be back this week with more to share! Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you and yours. 

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