If I could summarize this year in 3 words, the three words I would use are gratefulness, authenticity, and voice. At the beginning of 2020, I started practicing gratitude, and I am ending this year with a grateful heart. Covid-19 had come with a vicious grasp upon the United States and even here in Louisiana. Overall let’s break down why I chose each word.

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I started this year with a burning desire to let go of a negative mindset. I used to always talk down on myself even when I knew that I shouldn’t have been. One goal that I set this year was to practice gratitude daily. No matter what kind of a day I was having, I spoke over myself with gratitude. The mind can sometimes play tricks on you. It can have you thinking that your best towards a goal is not good enough. The mind can have you second-guessing your potential and the strength it took for you to place your past behind you. Gratitude has helped me throughout this year by reminding myself of the blessings that I already have. Without practicing gratitude this year, I am not sure how my outlook on life would even be. 


Being myself has been beautiful. I do what aligns with my being. I do not second-guess my truth for others. This year, I have learned to hold on to the woman that I am becoming and nurture the woman that I am. If something or someone rattles my spirit, even just a little bit to the point that I feel uneasy, I have subtracted myself with grace without explanation. I have attracted many people on social media and on my blog this year just from being my authentic self. I didn’t fold under pressure applied by anyone who questioned or belittled me for speaking my mind. I found power in the essence of truth this year.


Speak your mind even if your voice shakes. I learned that it’s okay to be secure in your thoughts about something or someone. I went back to therapy this year, and my therapist reminded me that I have so much strength in my delivery. My therapist was able to sense my emotions from my words even if I tried to hide it. I allowed my smile to hide a lot for a while until I tapped back into using my voice. This year I used my voice to speak my mind on several occasions, and many people did not like it. 

Many people wrote me off for saying too much, coming off dismissive to others, and for being brutally honest. I didn’t use my voice to intentionally hurt anyone. However, I used my tone and delivery with words as a weapon to defend myself from the vicious online attacks from people who belittled and tried to chastise me for just giving my honest opinion on some hair care products that I tried this year from a black-owned business that I supported throughout my natural hair journey and publicly on my Youtube channel for years. 

I used my voice to bring awareness to things that others didn’t know about or were growing numb. I am proud of my strength and the battles that I fought and won this year, all from using my voice.

How would you describe this year in 3 words? Thank you for reading blogmas day 1 of December 2020! Feel free to stop by tomorrow!


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