This year I am most proud of my self-determination. A few times, I can remember vividly throughout this year, that I felt as if I was surrendering to my situation. 

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

I was ready to just give up, and I was losing hope in life beyond my storms. I publicly cried on my Instagram stories from feeling misunderstood and frustrated during the summer season. 

I felt overwhelmed with life as a wife, mother, and full-time online college student. I placed myself in virtual therapy for the sake of trying to behold on to a little bit of sanity that I had left. Having God on my side and faith in Him and His works still lead me to seek therapy. 

In therapy, I rediscovered myself. I healed wounds from my childhood that were still being picked and scabbed from various off the wall encounters with my two younger siblings and immediate family. 

I learned to cradle my inner child, who still felt shunned from dreaming. I took the time to step away from people and things that left me feeling uncomfortable within my spirit. 2020 was a year of strength, overcoming several storms, refusing not to lose my faith in God, and happiness. What are you most proud of this year? We all have something to celebrate! 

God's grace and mercy brought me through this year!

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