When I decided to re-admit myself back into college after filling out financial aid for the fall semester of 2019, I didn’t know how it would turn out for me. I was nervous and felt a little intimated by my online college courses. 

Long story short, I amazed myself and made it onto Honor’s List both fall and spring semesters with so much confidence. This 2020 fall semester was as difficult as I allowed it to be. I found a balance between being an active and loving wife and mother, scheduling time out to get my class assignments done, tests, and remain committed to completing another semester to my best abilities. 

It also took time management and letting go of things that took too much time away from obtaining focus throughout the semester. It meant little to no Netflix, television series, recording YouTube videos & editing them, and even going out for brunch, lunch, or dinner with friends or family.

I valued every hour of each day even created a rest day throughout some weeks whenever I felt a burn out coming along. I could not and have not spoken much about my college education to anyone in my immediate family. Why? Well, they don’t care, and talking about things they can’t relate to in life will come across as being boastful. 

I did not want to allow any negative comments or reactions from anyone on either side of my family to have any power over my goals. I have been asked what if I cannot do anything with my college degrees once I obtain them, and I just side-eye the comment. I know that there are people who won’t understand my drive or even believe in my goals. 

They don’t even have to see my vision, but I know good and damn well they won’t damper my spirit. Everything that you do in life does not have to validate by others. How you move doesn’t have to make sense. Even as a stay at home mom, there are people in my family that have written me off for wanting to just work my husband into the ground. 

I choose not to say or explain too much of how I think, move, and feel to any of them. I rather just continue to chase my dreams even if I am slightly out of breath behind closed doors and let them assume. Yes, I do talk and say a little something every now and again, so they don’t get my position as a stay-at-home mom twisted, but I know it's not necessary to speak all the time. Where I am heading in life is to a place that only strong and determined folks go. I am excited about my future and ready for 2021, baby! 

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