One of the biggest lessons that I have learned this year is to stay true to your purpose in life. I know for a fact that this year I did not let myself down. I spoke my mind. I spoke my truth even if my voice shook, if I felt nervous, and even if I knew I had no other choice. 

With that being said, I pissed a lot of people off. I made some enemies virtually and in person. I used to be a people pleaser to the point that I was questioning my own moves. This year I snatched back my voice. I snatched back my confidence. 

I stopped biting my tongue and chose every battle that I took on wisely. I learned that I could take a lot of blows while still standing. It takes a lot of pain to place me into a fetal position, and even then, I won’t back down mentally or emotionally. 

I have had a strained relationship with my only sister, who's three years younger than me, throughout this entire year. All I choose to do to this day is to pray for her without harvesting any hate in my heart. I mended a strained relationship with our younger brother. 

He and I are on good terms, and I am proud of how far he has come already at 20 years old. My husband and I loved one another so much harder this year through Covid. We had some rocky moments this year, but we made it through them all without having people all in our business. 

My mother and I have grown closer through phone conversations. I had placed the pain of my poverty-stricken childhood out of my mind and went back home to visit my mother and Uncle Louis. I have touched so many people from just being who I am and sharing my life on social media that words just can not describe how grateful I am to be blessed with the gifts that I have from God. 

I have poured so much into my brand this year that I know it will one day pay off. Just keep on living, and you will experience a joy that the world will not give to you, nor will it be able to take away.

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