There a few things that I want for Christmas that money can not buy. I wanted to create this list because we can carelessly overlook the non-materialist things in life for many of us. There has been a lot of talk about obtaining designer bags, shoes, and clothing from celebrities and little to no talk about obtaining happiness outside of those things on social media. 

However, I don’t expect any celebrity to give us a pep talk on how they can’t buy happiness. I know for sure that my heart and values are secured within my truth and joy. Here are a few things that I want for Christmas that even Santa Claus himself wouldn’t be able to gift me.





Bonding moments.

A sound mind.

A grateful heart & spirit.


Hugs & kisses.

A good night’s rest.


There was my list of just ten things that I want this Christmas. I would love to spend Christmas day with my family and enjoy a nice hot cooked meal. I will take lots of photos no matter how I may look or how goofy some of the photos may turn out to be. I will also play a lot of soulful Christmas music in the morning hours as I cook breakfast for my family. After we finish eating, my husband will bring out the presents, and we will watch Eli have fun snatching the gift wrap off of his gifts. I hope you can create a list of priceless things you would love for Christmas this year too!


See you back here tomorrow on Blogmas Day 9

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