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in , by Linda B Hurd, January 30, 2021

As you read this, I am on a natural high. My smile is radiating from deep within my soul. This isn’t just another day for me. Of course, it is my twenty-eighth birthday. I brought my day in with prayer, my daily devotional, and happiness.

I also woke up early. Around 6 am just to take in my morning before heading out to get my makeup done for 8:30am. I was nervous because I never had paid an MUA to do my makeup. I just shimmied away from the jitters and looked forward to a great experience. I didn't have my day planned out; I just wanted to go with the flow of the day with my husband and our son Eli.

I was huge on planning at 27. I mean, random things just happening during my day would easily trigger me. I learned at 27 years old that I still had a lot of maturing to do. I still considered myself a grown woman, but the way I was constantly being disrespected by "people" in general truly played a role in how I presented myself. I had a lot of screw-ups last-year, both online and in my personal life. I learned a lot about managing my emotions, time, and effort. 

I grew mentally and emotionally enough to place my pride behind me and get into therapy. I found solutions to my negative thinking patterns, issues within my marriage, and with a better understanding of the source of childhood traumas that even caused rivals between me and my younger sister and brother. 

The relationship that I had with God was strengthened throughout the trials and tribulations 2020 brought my way. I learned how to love myself even harder and work out with better intentions on my progress no matter how it may have looked to others. 

I big chopped my hair twice. I did it once myself, and the second time I booked an awesome stylist with the personality to match to shape my natural hair into a tapered look. I embraced the change that came with feeling lighter from my hair and mind frame. 

I’m looking forward to creating more priceless memories as a wife and mother. I’m looking forward to a healthy and fulfilling year. I’m looking forward to experiencing God’s miracles and blessings. 28 will be a year of life learning from changing lessons and getting even closer to God and my goals. I am challenging myself to read, write, and learn more this year too. 

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