What’s keeping you from feeling and embodying your definition of sexy and even sex appeal? Well, whatever it may be, you should not allow those excuses to hold you bound to not experiencing a flare of love and romance in your everyday life. 

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If you want to take on a new essence of love and romance, you are in the right place. Let us talk about five steps that may be a little challenging to take to break out of your shell but will help you attract that spark of love and romance that is not defined by obtaining or maintain a romantic relationship. It all starts with loving you first, and the rest will help you attract because there is never a reason to chase love or romance.

Show yourself the love you believe you deserve.

 It is key to value and understands your level of self-esteem when it comes to loving yourself.  Showing yourself the love that you deserve starts with having respect, understanding, and grace for yourself. Become mindful of how you speak to yourself, think about yourself, and carry yourself while out in public.

Create a date night for yourself once every two weeks. 

If the weather is not up to a nice condition, start off indoors by creating yourself a bubble bath or steamy shower with some of your favorite body hygiene favorites at hand. 

You can follow up by doing a face mask and enjoying a hot cooked meal of your choice (you can get creative in the kitchen or order you some take out. Then, if you can head on outdoors, travel to a cute restaurant and wear something comfortable and cute, or even go out into the city and do something you always wanted to do.

Read books, and watch films about love, romance, and/or comedy.

You do not have to leave the comfort of your home to read books. You can download the Kindle app to your smartphone, iPad, or tablet and sign up for Kindle Unlimited to access thousands of amazing romance books. The Audible app is also a great way to experience stories about love or romance and even just looking for some good movies on Hulu, Netflix, or HBO.

Upgrade your lingerie or invest in a few lingerie pieces. 

What you wear underneath your clothes, even just for you, sets the tone for how you value yourself. The same goes for nails. Your nails speak volumes. Simple grooming will keep you tidy and feeling polished. 

Speak it over yourself with loving affirmations

When you think you can believe it, you can speak it and live it! Words have power, and also the way you see and feel about yourself has great significance to the woman you are blossoming to be.

I hope that you found this tips helpful as well!
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