I said I wouldn’t spark the conversation about my newfound singlehood, but baby let’s talk about it!


Now when I say single, let’s be clear — I mean single. Single woman. Single mother. Do you know what? Someone play the Living Single theme song for your girl! My divorce was finalized in October, and I celebrated quietly and happily.

I’ve been dancing to Beyonce’s track “Cuff It” a few days out of the week while throwing a few shots of brown liquor back when I don’t have my kids. My phone lights up with the good morning and the infamous, “what you doin’” messages throughout the day. Some days my phone do be dry, and that’s alright too. 

My relationship with Christ has risen and is so beautiful. It’s a crazy good feeling to know that, I am going into my thirtieth birthday single and free! I have always hoped and wanted to be married at this time, but since I have lived most of my adult life tied down to a man.

Frankly, I have no intentions of jumping into another serious relationship; suddenly, after pimping 10 years of my life away to love and loyalty. I’m chilling. I am getting comfortable with being mine and mine only.

Adventurous with dating 

Whew! I’m just getting my feet wet. I’m just tapping the water with my toes at this time. I have a lot of goals that are my main focus, so don’t come over here condemning me for entertaining people. So tapping my toes against the water, I have been out on a few dates. I have been stood up by a guy.

I have been Sonic pull up and let’s eat courted with a movie on the iPad. I have been approached by older gentlemen(twice my age) who have been about lies and have more games than Atari up their sleeve! 

So far, dating has been ghetto, but so funny to just talk about after the experience sizzled out. Baby, just know 2023 and beyond, any man approaching me will have to put in more consented effort toward me for sure. Being bored sometimes will have you getting out the door fully dressed to be let down!

I’m just grown and transparent enough to speak openly on it. I’m going back into my cocoon until the New Year on that note, baby! It’s too many guys looking to be courted by a woman and pursued is a definite turn-off for me!

Wishin’ & Thinkin’, Hopin’ & Prayin’ 

Your girl is wishing for a happy, jolly, and bright Christmas. Just this time last year, I was homeless with my two kids. I didn’t know where we were going to end up this year. I am wishing that I can make all my short and long-term goals a reality. I’ve been down and out for a mighty long time. I know how it feels to go without, and it's a familiar feeling. Now it’s time for me to rise even higher than I did this year.

I am thinking about providing even more for myself and my kids next year. I also am thinking about God’s favor upon my life. I was at my lowest last year after breaking free from that marriage and God still kept me and my kids off the street and food in our mouths. Prayerfully, I am praying for my protection and a couple of other things that are very dear to me.

Overall, I’m not pimpin’ like some of the gals are doing. I am thugging through this new single life. Thugs know how to not give too much to people and move gracefully without slipping through the cracks of life. I am keeping my emotions in check. Not giving my heart away, allowing anybody to live rent-free in my mind, and doing the best I have with what I got (in the words of a slurred Mariah Carey.) 

Until, the next blog post where we will talk about being single for the holidays. Since I am actively co-parenting with a custody order I won’t have my kids for the holidays and that’s alright too! Talk to you soon!


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  1. Congrats on being single. But that’s irrelevant. What about a job? Your own home for your kids? Your own car? You are exactly the same place you were last year, nothing has changed. Yet, all you focus on is relationships and mess. Focus on YOU. Focus on your KIDS. They deserve better. Show them you can do it. God bless.

    1. Thanks for stopping by for yet another blog post! Stay tune for what's to come, love! God bless you, too.

  2. I'm so proud of you my sister queen I found you IG . I'm currently going a divorce and being evicted had to move in with my mom and 3 babies. You inspire me and your encouragement ut helps me