My Gratitude List for 2022

in , by Linda B Hurd, December 19, 2022

Flowing from my heart is gratefulness. This holiday season I am grateful for quite a few things. I wanted to create a list of fifteen things that I am wrapping up this 2022 year with a grateful heart for. I believe that many people do not take the time to practice gratitude or reflection. 

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We can get so consumed with our struggles, finances, love life, work, and even for women like myself motherhood that we can lose focus on all the things that we could be smiling about that we are blessed with. Here’s my simple list that you are about to read of the things that I have been thanking God for all year long. I gave myself five minutes to just write out a few things and here is my list.

Being blessed with a place for me and my children to stay.

Loving and understanding friends.

Food for me and my children to eat.

Good health throughout this year.

The independence I gained.

Save trips to and from home.

God’s loving mercy upon my life.

Warm and comforting meals.

Warm showers and baths.

Being able to have my divorce finalized.

Quite moments alone.

My kids' happiness. 

All the tears that I cried

The nights that I had great rest.

Peaceful walks.

Financial blessings.

The encouraging words from my online supporters.

Good books that took my mind off my issues.

My prayer life.

The counseling sessions that I invested in.

The laughter.

The lessons that love and heartbreak taught me.

The grace and compassion I showed myself.

Being able to nurture and motivate my children.

Having just enough to get by.

The glimmers of hope.

The times I gave whatever was bothering me to God.

The lives I impacted with my journey this year.

Being transparent with my pain.

Allowing myself to heal.

The hugs I gave and were asked for.

The prayers that others prayed wholeheartedly for me.

Placing my son in preschool.

Seeing my daughter's first steps.

Helping my son get started with speech therapy.

Hearing and seeing my daughter call me mama.

Hugs and kisses from my kids.

The inspiration and creativity.

Finding and trusting a lawyer for legal issues.

The willingness to keep on going.

It’s your turn now. What are some of the things that you have been grateful for this year? Give yourself an opportunity to write your list out and look it over. Until the next blog post, feel free to join my email list so you won’t miss the next post! 


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