The human body is an amazing thing as well as being mindful of who you choose and how you decide to give them your body is too. Great sexual intimacy is one of the best parts of a relationship. There is something special about sharing passionate, pleasurable moments with someone you find attractive. 

However, what if you haven’t found that special someone yet? What if you just aren’t interested in a full-blown commitment right now? Does that mean you are confined to just having solo pleasure? Hopefully, not in the world of friends with benefits.

Hearing someone compliment you on your body—who you also like and trust—when you’re in the mood to get your freak on but not in the mood for the excess baggage of more traditional romantic relationships. It can be quite thrilling.

Having commitment-free sex can be liberating. However, FWB relationships can be difficult to navigate. Are you going to just be exclusive friends with benefits, or are you both okay with hooking up with other people? 

What if your friend with benefits starts wanting to see you more than the time arranged? And if you stop feeling it, how do you cut all ties? The uncertainty within the boundaries can make even the most satisfying friends-with-benefits arrangements nosedive straight into “toxic” territory.

The friends with benefits meaning have a different meaning to many people. Plus, finding some common ground (beyond the bedroom) will help keep the experience exciting and fun. 

Set Boundaries.

Setting boundaries with FWB is vital to not getting your emotions attached to the already no strings attached relationship you share with that individual. When you know how often you want to talk over the phone, text, call, or even physically see them it becomes crucial in how you treat them. 

Will talking every day or throughout the week dampen the relationship? Will overly sharing parts of your life with him or her cause them to view you differently? Will having open availability to someone you're not exclusive with become eventually toxic?

Use Protection at all times.

You damn sure do not want to get caught up in having a pregnancy scare or contracting an STD. Using protection is paramount. The consistent use of protection will help keep you and your partner healthy and aware of both of your bodies. When you have an active sex life, it’s never a bad idea to see your doctor for regular STD screenings. 

No jealousy, no envy, and no stress

The vagina or the penis is truly not yours and you have to be fine with that. The other person is more than able to be with whoever they want and whenever they want to. There becomes nothing you can say or do to monitor how the other person expresses their sexual nature. 

It is crucial in FWB that no one is envious of the attention the other person gets whether it's on social media or in person. Lastly, stressing if your FWB is always going to be on your radar when you need a sexual pickup is also not wise to ever do too.

Open and trustworthy communication.

Without open and trusted lines of communication, the title friends with benefits hold no weight. The title can easily become a strain if one or both parties are withholding information about their current sex life or emotions. The title friends with benefits also work out best when there is mutual respect for one another fueled by great communication. 

Don’t Expect Just Reflect

Having little to no expectations of the title can save you from getting your feelings intertwined and even hurt. Reflect on what the meaning of the title you hold with that person means to you. 

Do you feel comfortable with letting the title go and possibly one day exploring a meaningful relationship with someone different? To save yourself disappointment doesn’t expect much from the other party and much from yourself while practicing self-love and having fun!

Hopefully, these tips help you to bring clarity and reassurance to you if you want to become FWB. 

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