I have no problem telling people what I do for a living when I am not working my part-time 9 to 5 job. I seem to get a lot of questions in my everyday life about my hobbies. Working at a very popular gas station, I get asked questions like what are your plans, goals, and do you have a life outside of my job? I cheerfully answer every question directed towards my personal life with, "I'm working on my dreams. It's my second job." 

Weeks before I started this blog, I was sitting at my dining room table with my hands on my head staring at one of my many journal pages. I was in the middle of writing about my day and thoughts on the lines before me. It was God, that spoke to me and told me that it's time. I wrote on my journal page in dark blue ink


I still pondered on the words before my eyes. Truly, I did not know if I wanted to continue writing or figure out what could I start on that I was holding back from. My few days spent at my part-time job during the week can make the average person who 'probably isn't a people person' lose their damn sainty. Whether it's getting questioned about your smile, gas pumps, the gas stations' app, cleaning restrooms, or money. My main 8 hours on the clock never went in vain. 

Regular customers ask me time and time again, "You still here? Huh, girl?"

I just think to myself, "Where else I am going to disappear to, when I am trying to help my husband pay bills?" 

Of course, I don't just up and say that. Lol! It is truth, but only for how long I allow it to be.

When I started working at a gas station I made a huge transition from working in a popular retail store in the south, I thought about the judgement, I would receive from my peers. My family backed me 100% and my husband was very supportive of my choice to work at a gas station. I think that I cared too much about being looked at as a custodian. I felt like people would think that I am beneath them. That was until, I realize that working this part-time job will not be my life. Outside of my work life, I am a pretty awesome wife to an AC Tech. I am a YouTuber, who have a passion for sharing products, teas, and hauls. I am also a writer, and on the breakthrough to becoming a professional writer. 

I take my dreams and my duty as a wife seriously. I want to become a mother one-day-too! But, right now attaining my dreams of becoming a blogger, and freelance writer has been weighing heavy on my conscious. I started to believe that I am worth living out my dreams! I am known to many people as the girl behind the register with the pretty hair and the smile to match. To others I am that YouTuber who loves God and is a hair product junkie.

Me at work one day. Sorry, for the look. LOL!
Whenever you realize that your current job isn't your career unless you allow it to be; it will make you sane. I am chasing my dreams. Blocking out the questions, funny looks I get whenever I am mopping the gas station floors, the feeling of being a failure at 23, and the thought of that I am not doing enough. 

My enough was creating this blog! I had enough of bottling up my emotions and just leaving them on my journal pages. I wanted to share my life, emotions, and new found strength to help others through this site. Attaining my dreams while working a part-time job has kept me very happy. I'm still in search of another job, but not a job that will demand too much from me. I am stable. I am working a basic job that can be labeled as filthy cleaning toilets after strangers, gas pumps, and taking out loads of garbage. I understand that my tolerance level is high and much higher than ever before for bullcrap, drama, and working under-high stress levels. When God sees and knows that I will be ready to take on the next venture in my life it will be another learning experience to share with you and the world. I'm discovering my inner strength one God given day at a time. 

Three things before you go: 

Understand and know your worth.

Never stop working on accomplishing your goals (outside of your job)

Remain optimistic and be searching for better opportunities.

Song for this blog post inspired by: Tinashe, 'Ride Of Your Life'

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