Making new friendships can be exciting and life-changing. The feeling of connecting with someone who shares your similar interests and has great conversations to share sometimes lure us in. You both become 'close friends' within weeks. 

Going out to grab a bite to eat, visiting each other's homes, and even shopping together may seem like fun for while it lasts. Then after weeks, months, or years of being 'a friend' to them something just starts to feel off.

Here are just 5 ways to spot a fake friend before your feelings get hurt:

They only call or text you whenever "they" need something.

They may say things like, "Hey, I been going through a lot of stuff and need some advice." "I need a ride if you're not busy could you come to get me?" "Could you help me come up with?" 

These types are the type of people who think of you as their personal Doctor Phil and problem solver whose just one call away. They truly don't give a damn about truly having a friendship with you. They are called "USERS." 

They will drain you for advice (that they truly don't use), a ride (since you are their personal taxi), and even for your money. These are the type of people who (think) that they know how to USE people for their advantage, and you are not the only person that they want to have wrapped around their finger. Your phone number only comes to their phone screen when it's time to see how they can work their magic on you.

They try to outdo you (in anything that you do.) They make things out of a competition. 

They will try and may get close to you to find out what you have planned out. You may be writing a cookbook, opening a new business, finding a new job, buying a new home, buying a new car. No matter what you do they feel compelled to do something too. 

You may be starting a new company and then out the woodworks, they decided that they can do the same too. You may have bought a used car and they then go and buy or lease a brand new car. 

Things start to become a competition. They only communicate with you to try to stay five steps ahead of you. These are the type of people who are secretly jealous of your hard work, your lifestyle, or hustle. The less you tell these type of folks the better!

They pretend to be someone who they aren't.

You suddenly start to see that they act like they skipped the struggle and found a way out. They talk to you like they are talking down to you. These are the type of people who act like they are so cool to talk to; just so they can find out your business and tell it to someone else. 

They don't respect your values.

If they were your real friends they would respect your true values. Your moral values would mean a whole lot to them. If you are someone who chooses not to drink, then they wouldn't complain or make jokes about you choosing not to drink. If you are someone who doesn't smoke weed or believes in having sex before marriage, then they wouldn't pressure you to do not one of them. Remember that respect can carry you a long way as well as a true mutual friendship.

They are only friends with you or remember to talk to you when they are bored.

These type of people or may don't even have your name saved to your number in their phone. Whenever they are bored and have no one else to talk to, then they feel obligated to call, text, or even conversate with you. 

You are just a time passer. Like that game you have downloaded on your phone that you hardly ever play (only when your really bored or trying to pass time.)

It is best to just get rid of these type of people. You will be dragged to the lowest levels of their self-esteem. Don't waste any more of your time. Find your inner strength to move on with your life and the qualities of a true friend. 


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