Ladies, it is time to get it together in more than one. I understand that it is difficult to do a lot of things alone, but it's also time to stop making any excuses for yourself. Here are just a few signs that you could possibly be secretly becoming a gold digger and you know it.

You Are Constantly Searching For Entitlement 

Entitlement is one of the symptoms of narcissistic behavior. You want for a man to spoil you by any means necessary with money, gifts, and dates. You also don't want to be with any man who does not want to spend his last on you. In order, for any man to be with you they must understand how to treat you to the 'best' of everything.

You Are Too Open With Your Personal Finances 

You share your financial situation with any man who you have discovered to have money. There is no such thing as holding back your business. You almost try to make a man to have sympathy for you and want him to rescue you from your circumstances. You secretly plot to find someone to want to help take some of the burden off of your shoulders. 

You Aren't Looking For A Man's Love, Just His Financial Support

Being someone's girlfriend is a role you would play 'well', however you just want a man to support you and the lifestyle that you are wanting to fulfill. Being in love isn't what you really want out of a man neither his problems. You just want a man's affection from time to time, your space, and his money. You would do whatever you have to do just to show him that you care for him, but as long as he keeps you fly, you have no worries. 

You Perceive Yourself In An Arrogant Way.

Girl, you feel like you deserve to be rewarded, financially, for your banging body, for your qualities, and you feel like you been through hell. A man can not tell you that you are not the shit, and you will not feel hurt in some type of way. You feel like you should not have to struggle in life to have or to achieve anything!

You Too Got-Damn Nosey, Right Away

So you just are truly getting to know a guy and then you are popping these questions:

  • How much do you make a year?
  • What type of car do you drive?
  • Do you have good credit?
  • How much do you make a month?
Stay out of that man's finances, girl! It's too soon to be asking all of these questions. 

If you have any of these five signs then you could be or is possibly a gold digger. First, you must admit that you are a gold digger to yourself. If you can't keep it real with your damn self, then chances are you really don't know your self-worth. Find ways to stay away from family members or friends who are gold-diggers and think that it is cute. 

Be your own provider. Go hard for your dreams! 

There are countless of jobs, careers, and even ways to create your own business to get money. Stop trying to keep up with this girl and that girl. Be your damn self. If you need help please consult a professional therapist to undergo psychological therapy. You probably always been daddy's little-girl and are still looking for a man to take care and spoil you. A man will only tolerate your demands for so long, until they discover that you was using them all along. 

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