There is a serious problem that you need solving at the moment. In your heart you want things to work, but you know that talking to a man that already has a woman! This guy may have a girlfriend, fiance', or even a damn wife! You find yourself texting and even talking to this guy quite often. It's that time to let his ass go! Here is my advice on what to do with this guy before you get your emotions caught up.

Realize What You Are Placing Yourself Through Before The Drama Unfolds.

You can think for yourself, and you already know that he is playing games. Just because he is in a committed relationship with her and he is texting and talking to you that you are the only one! 9 times out of 10 the guy has played this game before and you are not the only girl he talks to behind closed doors, deleted messages, and FaceTimes. 

You are placing yourself in a situation to end up with your feelings hurt and to be lied to. Understand and know your self-worth. You are more than just that girl he can text or FaceTime whenever his main chick isn't around! Don't play your damn self. 

Block, Delete, & Move On 

You may have been talking to this guy on and off for quite some time. It's now that time to LEAVE HIM ALONE! Be at peace with yourself and the essence of you! He will never commit to you or will he leave his woman to be with you. You are that piece of quick nookie and side-piece he has if things ever go left between him and his everything.

Block his number, delete anything that you have in remembrance of him on your phone, and move the hell on with your time, sanity, and life while you still can. If you follow him on any social media outlets, then unfollow his ass and let him be. It may be difficult to do, but you will find inner peace. 

Understand That He Has A Hidden Agenda

He will not and has not told you why he is truly stringing you along. He won't tell you why he wants you around and on standby. If he said, "I really like talking to you, because you aren't like my girlfriend, wife, or fiance' then he is LYING!" 

The real reason why he has you around is that he can't choose. He wants the best of both worlds. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. He is not going to ever commit to you, but he will make your dating life or if you are in a relationship with someone else harder.

 Seeing you happy with someone else will and would secretly make him jealous. (Even though he is taken.) He would rather string you along with his lies and sweet nothings to hold you from your happiness.  

Stop Being Vulnerable  

You have been placing your time into a man that really just wants to gas you up, leave you with wet panties, and hopeless. You do not need to involve yourself with a guy who wants you to fall for him and you end up falling alone. Stop being vulnerable and pick your head up and understand the beauty in loving you. 

Stop Thinking He Will Leave Her

Let the thoughts go of him ever truly being your man. You will lose him the same way you got him and that was with him being involved with someone else. Let him go and move on with your sanity. 

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