He is probably the type that talks a good game and doesn't back it up. Or he probably always wants to have sex and get him and hardly ever worry about you getting an orgasm. I want you to know these five tips before letting him go, because of the sex...

Let Him Know By Not Being Degrading 

Don't curse him out or go and put him down behind his back to your friends. Let him know that there were some positions that you would have loved to tried, toys, or even foods. Just be woman enough to not bite your tongue on what could have been improved. 

Stop Comparing Him To Your Ex

The best way to stop thinking he is so wack in bed is to keep thoughts about your ex out of your mind. Move on from what your ex use to do for you sexually and start understand that your ex is a thing of the past. Your ex is your ex for a damn good reason. Stop with the comparisons and let this man be himself. 

Fix The Kissing & Go Slow

Studies have shown that from surveying over 80% of women will give a bad kisser a second chance. Don't let him have full control over the kissing, especially if he isn't the best at it. Go slow and then proceed into the tongue action. Don't rush the kissing just to be upset when it is time to take things to the next level.  

Toys, Fruits, & Oils 

Go out and or purchase a few sex toys online together. Don't purchase the toys without him. You don't want to make the mistake and purchase toys that will be intimating to him. You both can purchase fruits like, pineapples (my favorite), strawberries, and even cherries to indulge in for a red special night. As far as the oils you can use for body massages, you can use coconut or even grapeseed oil. Both of these two oils are light and can be found at your local supermarket. 

Move On & Let Go

If things don't work out after more than just a few tries and you are still unsatisfied then move on. Don't waste your time stressing yourself out over his sex game. Let it all go and leave him alone. Girl, please don't go on a sexing spree with this guy and that guy. Love yourself. Take care of your temple. Find your inner strength to keep it pushing if you aren't happy in the end. Don't settle.

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