Let's just say that you are starting to grow feelings for the man that you have really been a friends with benefits for lately. You want to just shake off the love and all the thoughts of you both starting something serious. However, you don't want to deny how you truly feel about him. Here are a few tips and reason that can help you, while you are going through...

1. Understand What You Started 

You truly have to think about how things started off between you two in the beginning. Think about how much personal information he shared with you about his life? Think about how long you guys spend time together? Did he ever share his future plans with you that truly did include you? What led you both into labeling what you both shared as "friends with benefits?" Did he already have someone in mind or is now starting to get serious with another aspect in his life?

2. You Were Possibly A Secret That Was Well Kept. 

Girl, I am not trying to come for you. I am going to keep it real with you and all the way honest. You were a secret that was well kept to the world. Think about it and don't lie to yourself. What you both started was what you wanted then, but now you understand what you truly want.

3. Are You Wanting To Be Loved?

I am asking you this question, because in the time span that you shared with this guy, you could have been falling in love. You possibly could have been falling for the image of you two becoming something more. At this point in your life your emotions could be all over the place. Learning to let go and move on can truly be refreshing to you at this moment.

4. You Are Beautiful And You Are Good Enough

Don't play the blame game! You are beautiful! You are more than good enough! You deserve to be happy. This was a learning experience for you to grow from. Understand what it was and now value your self more than just what you did before. (Brush your shoulders off girl! Lol!)

4. Let Him Know How You Feel & Move On

Keep everyone that doesn't truly matter out of your mind and what you think they will say. What has happened is a result of change. Let him know how you feel and once felt. Take in the newness and let go of the frustration and pain. You accepted what it was and what it is now. You are not the problem.

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