You can still have a relationship with Christ while chasing your dreams. Many people often times place Christ on the back-burner while they are so busy trying to accomplish their dreams. Honestly, having that full time relationship with Christ while chasing your dreams is truly an amazing way to grow not only closer to Christ, but towards your accomplishing your dreams too. 

There have been people that have asked me countless times, what do I get from blogging? My answer to them is that I get sanity. I don’t just blog to give advice. Frankly, anybody can give anyone advice. Advice can be given for free, but I provide more than just advice. I provide my experiences. I give y’all my life, raw and unfiltered emotions, and most importantly the damn truth. So, my question to you is, how good is advice that is sugar coated or fabricated?

I don’t know about you, but I love for any advice that I shall receive to be unfiltered and real. Therefore, most people become part-time Christians in the midst of cutting corners with folks. Many of those same people hide behind the truth with lies and a smile. My walk with Christ has helped bring me closer to what He has in store for me. My walk with Christ has helped bring other people closer to Him too. 

While chasing and obtaining your dreams the best advice I can give any Christian is to never doubt what God can do and will do for your life. I just want for you to know to be patient with yourself and trust God’s timing. 

You don’t have to be a part-time relationship with Christ just because accomplishing your dreams are taking up most of your time. You make time for what you want and for what is important to you. I want to dare you to pray this prayer;

Dear Heavenly Father,
I want to thank you for my life. I want to thank you for blessing me and equipping me with the necessary mind frame and talents to excel in life.
I am asking that continue to strengthen me spiritually. 
Help me to lean and depend on You and to lean not into my own understanding. 
Help me to acknowledge Your incredible works daily.
For I want to be more like You. 
I am asking that you make clean any of my ways that are not pleasing unto You. Help me to grow closer and remain closer to You.
In your Heavenly name I pray,


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