Psst... there is someone secretly cheering for you and you are too busy doubting yourself. Have you ever been so caught up with seeing all your faults, and the where you went wrongs that you haven't been paying attention to your own greatness? I am going to raise my hand and take a stand and tell you that I was once too busy doubting my damn self.

I had the mind frame of a young woman who just felt like she was being drained with the everyday frustrations of living. If it wasn't that time of the month and she wasn't PMSing; she was finding all sorts of reasons for why she wasn't good enough. That (she) was, in fact, me, and I owned up to it.

While I was on my mental and spiritual journey trying to find my nitch with my talent for writing, I had a tough time believing that I was capable of creating a blog that would cater to women and girls of all ages. I had a tough time believing that I could guide someone with my wisdom of only being on this planet for 23 years. However, I did not allow my doubts to stop me. I did not manifest on my self-doubts. I created this blog and never looked back with intentions on going back.

My question to you is, "Are you manifesting on your self-doubts or your self-worth?"

If you have a tough time answering this question then you are probably borderline manifesting on your self-doubt. You are allowing your self-doubts to grow and blossom into an oak tree. Why an oak tree; you might question. An oak tree can live for well over 200 years and can grow almost in every climate and they harvest acorns.

The production of an Oak Tree starts at the age of 20 to 50 years. In reality, as women between the ages of 20-50 years old, we start to develop and create life-changing habits, lifestyles, and ways of thinking. When you think about being an Oak Tree and actually starting to bear acorns (which are your self-doubts) there are other animals (in our case people that feed) on what we bear.

For examples: you can be a woman who bears positive thinking, wholesome advice, or even a life dedicated to Christ. All examples come from planting the seed of faith. Having faith that you are capable of achieving better and being a better woman in life. 

It's a choice to plant the seed of self-doubt and to water, baby it, and to allow it to manifest. 

There is someone in the world that is cheering for you to be great. There is someone that sees your potential to live beyond the life you have been given.

Imagine being in a boxing ring and you are getting suited to knock out your fears. Your coach is helping put on your gloves. You are ready to be undefeated and take home a well-deserved win. You see your opponent (your fears) on the other end of the ring. Your emotions start to run wild.

While your emotions are starting to get the very best of you, your coach is giving you words of encouragement. Are you listening and comprehending what your coach is saying to you? Or are you tuning your coach out, because you are trying to eye down your opponent? ( If you are not listening nor comprehending what your coach is saying to you then, here is where you started digging a hole and planting your seed of self-doubt.)

Therefore, in life, there will be times that you will have to tune out your own thoughts and invading thoughts that will keep you from succeeding. You will have to listen and comprehend words of encouragement and inspiration.

Think about a stadium or if you are a football lover (a stadium) filled with people cheering on your success. In stadiums you often times cannot hear the voice of one person cheering over hundreds or thousands of other spectators. However, you can hear your inner voice telling you to keep going, only if you choose to motivate yourself!

Embedding faith into every step you take will plant a seed of greatness. Even if you fail you at least will learn to grow and fertilize your self-worth. When you know better, you do better. When you believe in your dreams and manifest in them, the impossible can happen. Pssst... don't you hear that crowd screaming and rooting for you in the back of your mind? Or are you the one dimming your own lights and stopping your own progress to better?

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