I am currently 23 with a dry phone and no friends to hang out with. The older I get I find it difficult to make friends, because I have high expectations for friendships. Just like before I became married, I had high expectations for my relationships after being played, hurt, and my heart suddenly becoming to grow cold. Here are 6 reasons why not having any friends doesn't make you a loner after all.

1. You Are More Aware Of People's Good and Bad Qualities

You are an amazing observer. You pay attention to people's reactions, mood swings, and patterns in their style. Unlike others you aren't quick to take down just anyone's number and save it in your phone without truly having a chance to analyze that person's qualities. 

2. You Value Having Peace of Mind & No Drama

The only time you really see drama unfold is either on the internet, social media, or on TV. You don't have all that he said she said drama popping off around you. You truly value having peace of mind doing things that some folks would think is boring. It would be nice to have another female around to kick it with who shares the same views, but until then you are just fine chilling.

3. No Worries About Venting or Giving The Same Advice Over Agai

You don't have to be worried about venting your life and issues away to someone who is just happy they aren't alone. You also don't have to worry about giving the same advice over and over again to someone or to folks who don't really listen to you your sound advice. You are saving your breath and your time. Trust me there is someone giving advice to their 'so-called' friend who thinks of them as a therapist instead of their best-friend.

4. You Learn More about Your Damn Self 

This is the time you can take to learn more about your damn self. You can pick up a few new hobbies, discover places and things that you always wanted to visit or learn about. Stay busy and even see how much your mind frame changes within the time span of you growing.

5. You Understand the Type of Friendships That You Are Worth Having 

By not having any friends you value your worth! You understand that you just don't want to be just friends with anyone just because they are popping on social media, have a nice car, or even seem to be very cool. You want a friendship that adds value to your life. You know that you will one day become friends with someone who is motivating, inspiring, and is trustworthy. It will take time. Don't rush the process of getting what you deserve. There is someone who feels this same way.

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