You find yourself falling for this guy a little more than you are comfortable with. You know that the attraction between the both of you is there and that he is feeling you! 

Once you get a chance to have a conversation with him, some things seem a little off about him, but it doesn't stop you from getting to know the real him. Here are 7 warning signs to spot to find out if the guy that you are crushing on is a LAME or not:

1. He has no long term goals or short term goals. 

Getting to know if he has any serious plans on accomplishing goals is a major key. If he doesn't know what he wants to achieve or even get accomplished in life, then it can speak volumes for his mindset.

2. He practically lives on social media. 

You deserve his undivided attention, and to a guy that practically lives on social media, this can be a red flag. If he can't seem to put his damn phone down while kicking it with you or just to have a conversation, then try to fall back off of him.

3. He clubs, drinks, gambles, and does drugs for the fun of it. 

Unless you share the same lifestyle, then you possibly may find him as a match made in heaven. If clubbing, drinking, and doing drugs is something that he does (not occasionally do or once a blue moon), it is part of his lifestyle. You have to keep in mind that it is easy to get involved in his lifestyle just to be with him. Having a guy that adds a great balance to your life should be refreshing, not devastating to see the end result.

4. He has many situationships or a situationship going on. 

You won't find out about his past situationships or even current situationship overnight. It takes time to find out more about his past flings. In the Urban Dictionary, a situationship is defined as any problematic relationship characterized by unresolved interpersonal conflicts. Usually confused with dating.  If you don't want to end up with your feelings crushed from your crush, then if you find out about any of his lingering situationships, it's time to cut ties. Save yourself from future heartbreak, frustration, and pain.

5. He disrespects his mother, grandmother, auntie, or sister(s).

I will tell you now that if any man talks to his any woman in his family in a disrespectful tone, don't think you will be excluded from it. Disrespect runs deep, and if you ever witness him disrespecting any of the women in his family, then your crush isn't as attractive as he was after all.

6. He doesn't want to take care or own UP to his responsibilities. 


Finding out that he has a child or children that he doesn't care for and lies about is a prime example of him not owning up to his responsibilities.

If he doesn't want to work or thinks that he is too good for a 9 to 5 to pay bills.

He has a car that he can't afford to keep gas in.

He's always asking you to pay for dinner or pretending to be broke around you.

He can't seem to stay out of jail.

He doesn't want to pay his bills on time.

He hardly ever comes to class or school.

He rather looks fly in the latest gear then stack money.

7. He may text and talk to you whenever he gets ready.

Girl, these some-timing dudes be really a waste of time! He knows when to text and talk to you, but it's only his conviction and not yours. Guys with this quality also know how to switch things up and surprise you with pics, gifts, and even comments under your photos; keep your eyes open and don't let your heart be fooled.

Hopefully, you are someone you may know will find this post helpful! Share your thoughts and advice to others in the comment section below.

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