What does the word family mean to a man who is still chasing an unfulfilled thrill? Thoughts, explanations, and unanswered questions fill the mind of the woman who once felt wholeness in her relationship is now left to pick up the pieces. I was sent an email from a woman who wanted to share her story with my readers anonymously. Find out how she discovered her inner strength to move forward.

Hi, Linda. My name is Falen. I am a 26 year old black single mother of two kids. My oldest daughter is name Tristen and my son name is Travonte. I just really wanted to say that I love your site shefoundstrength.com. I discovered your site on my Tumblr feed while on a lunch break at work. I was depressed and was going through a rough transition in my life. Your posts were really giving me encouragement and they seemed God sent. I hope I don't sound too silly, right now. Any ways, I wanted to share my story with your readers. I never thought that I would ever see the day that I would become a single mother. 

I always thought that what my boyfriend and I had would never go down the drain. I was in a long-term relationship with my high-school best friend and lover his name was Randy. He was always rapping, burning people CD's, and staying low-key on campus for the most part. Unlike all the other girls at my high school I was into art. I met Randy my sophomore year, in an art class that we had together for fourth block. I won't lie I use to be stalking him out on Myspace and BeBo, before he even knew who the hell I was. Lol! After weeks of being in the same class we had a project assigned together in a group. This is how we started. Randy and I exchanged numbers and since, 2007 I really been in love with this guy. 

To speed things up, Randy and I was having sex a little bit more than the average teenagers. But we lived in the Louisville, Kentucky, so at that time there was not too much that we was able to do. No excuses are being made either. My mother and grandmother were very disappointed  in me and Randy seemed to be the happiness dude in the south. I still manage to walk across stage my senior year and I also landed a lil' retail job. Randy was very supportive of me and my decision to go to college too.

Within two years, we both had a nice apartment, new cars, and celebrating another baby shower. I thought we was really moving on up. It was until my son turned one years old and Randy and I started fighting more, he started leaving, and telling me that I was really loosing myself. I started looking at myself in the mirror like I was hideous, however I still had my same figure from high school. I was just a lil' thicker with more curves. Randy wanted me to change how I dress and wanted to control what I was putting on my social media pages. The dude was losing his damn mind.

This went on for seven months, until one day I had left one of my papers for one of my college classes at home the same day it was due. I pulled up to our apartment after dropping the kids off at day care and his car was in the parking lot. It was strange because he was telling me that he was going to be at work that day. I decided to call his phone before I opened the door and he didn't answer. I walked inside of or apartment and the m*#her f#*ker was having a three some in our f*#king bed! One of the girls was my close cousin who use to babysit our kids too!

I was sooo heartbroken! I screamed and even called myself trying to fight those bitches off of him. He was fucking my cousin the whole entire time and I didn't have a clue! 

So long story short things got bloody that day, but nobody was killed. I lost all respect for him that day. I lost a part of myself that I thought I found in him years ago! This happened in the month of March of 2016. Since March of 2016 I have been working on rebuilding me. I still allow my children to have a relationship with their father, because it was and is only right. I want for another woman to know that just becuase you are broken it doesn't mean that you need to surrender. In fact, don't surrender your love, tears, and pain! Allow what you feel to inspire you to do and want better. I took that pain that I felt that day and painted my soul away. I created my best work ever. I allowed my situation to better me and I discovered my inner strength to move on without questioning. You can do it too. Thank you so much Linda for creating this site! It's truly inspiring and I hope my message touched someone too.

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