When it seems as if you have more bills than money and the life you deserve to be living is just an imagination; living from pay check to pay check can really get you down. As soon as you get excited about getting paid you soon thing about all the bills that your paycheck have to pay for. Here are a few of the tough realities of living from paycheck to pay to paycheck that some folks choose not to talk about.

1. Saving & Managing The Money You Have Is A Second Nature

When you live pay check to pay check you truly have no choice, but to learn how to manage your money better. You don't want to end up broke before payday come around again. Stashing money to the side and even having second thoughts on what you spend your money on is second nature.

2. Learning How To Cook Meals & Prep Meals (Become A Lifestyle) 

Spending money weekly on trips to fast food or local restaurants really can feast on your money fast! It's best that whenever you live paycheck to pay to check that you learn how to cook meals and how to prep them for the days after. You will save money and eventually learn that your pocketbook will thank you.

3. Shopping Isn't Really Fun Anymore

Whenever you do decide to go out to shop at the mall or just to places like Target, Wal-Mart, or Marshall's, it's like everything you truly would love to buy is over your budget. You may even feel like you are not even worth treating yourself at that moment because something will end up happening during the week that you will need money for. You are a prisoner to your paycheck and your fears of going broke, but looking nice keeps you from enjoying the money that you worked so hard for!

4. You Count Down The Days Until Your Next Paycheck Like A Kid Does For Christmas. 

Let's just face the harsh truth together. You become anxious until payday comes because you have little to no money in your bank account to truly hold you down. You become a slave for that paycheck and your job brings you no happiness like payday do. Whenever someone asks what day of the week it is, you are reminded about how long you have to wait until you finally get paid again.

5. You Feel Like No One Truly Understands Not Even Your Co-Workers. 

No one truly understands why you bite your tongue instead of complaining about why you get paid on payday, but you still feel broke. You try not to compare yourself to your co-workers, but you find yourself wondering how you could keep afloat while you feel like your mentally sinking. You want to quit your job or put in your two-weeks and find something else to give you peace of mind. Venting to someone is the last thing you want to do because you don't want to seem like you are ungrateful.

6. Put Money In Your Gas Tank, Request An Uber Or Lyft, Or Walk.

If you have your own car then keeping it on the road legally and with gas in the tank becomes one of the main reasons you choose to hold down your job. If you don't have a car you either or relying on public transportation, your two feet, and the weather, or you use the Uber or Lyft App weekly to get from point A to point B. No one truly knows how you make a dollar out of 15 cents weekly to travel, but you make it happen and sometimes...even amaze your damn self.

7. You Live With Anxiety & Sometimes Are Depressed About Life 

Working two jobs to maintain is truly crossing your mind if you aren't doing it already. Living with anxiety and depression can truly try to weigh you down. You are stronger than what you are going through and everything that you are going through has prepared you for elevation in life. I want you to know that you are not alone and you will make it through this stronger than ever before.

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