It is difficult to be in a relationship with a man who doesn't see anything wrong with his woman struggling to maintain a household alone. I can only imagine how stressful it is to feel like you are doing everything by yourself and he is just there watching. Here go my advice and tips on what to do when your man can't keep a job and he doesn't want to work. 

You know what is keeping him from having a job. Is it his self-esteem? Do he rather smoke, drink, and f#*k off. Could it be his background?

If you have been with your man for quite some time now, then you already know how he gets down. You can't make excuses for a man who doesn't have 10 more to cover that excuse you make for him up. Is he confident in his abilities and talents enough to provide a nourishing household and prospering future for you and even your child or children? Is there a reason why he might rather smoke, drink, or even just put off finding a job? Does he have a background that keeps him from landing a certain type of job?

Could you be the reason why he is too comfortable with you doing all of the providing? 

Have you possibly spoiled him? Did he have a job and quit it, because of the fact that he knew he would fail the drug test. Do you comfort him too much while he sits around the house? Are you encouraging him to think clearly about the choices he is making?

I understand that as women we sometimes don't like to place pressure on our men to go-hard in life or to chase their dreams. If your man is discouraged about getting back into the swing of working, have a sit down with him. Does he have an issue with working a fast-food job, because of pride issues?

Is he intimidated by your hard work and success?

There really is no way around answering this question. It's either yes or no. When a man is intimidated by your hard work and success he will find a way to keep you where he wants you. He will not want you to actually leave his side, but he will test you. If you do feel that your man is intimidated by your hard work in success then the way he feels will not change over a few days or weeks.

Write down your feelings or even record yourself venting your issues away. Things will get better, but don't rush the progress.

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