If this is your very first time ever reading my blog site, I want to personally welcome you. I started this blog site shefoundstrength.com to encourage, motivate, and to inspire other girls and women of all ages to find their inner strength. Discovering your inner strength isn’t just a task to easily accomplish. I have found that many times in my life, I have struggled to maintain my inner strength. In life, there will be times you will feel defeated. You will feel as if you have no one to turn to. There will be times you will feel like you are just being bullied by your own life. To be honest we all deserve to go through the bad, because it makes us appreciate the good. As of matter of fact going through the bad makes us become more appreciative of life, growth, and our emotions. Whether you are a man or woman you know that finding your inner strength isn’t just a physical meaning. Lifting weights and testing your physical strength can be anyone’s definition of strength. However, I have discovered that my inner strength doesn’t just come from the physical, but from the mental and spiritual too. 


I have been trying to focus more on my walk with Christ. I have started a new prayer journal to have my daily talks with Christ. I was once feeling out of place with my walk with Christ. I was feeling like I wasn’t as appreciative for my blessings that kept happening repeatedly. I was taking for granted the people God already had placed in my life. I felt like I was alone and didn’t have any friends to turn to. I want you to know that I needed a mentally shampoo to help me better situate my thoughts. I found that since the beginning of last month, that I had to get my prayer life in order. I had to start mapping out my goals. I had to better position myself while going through a storm. Think about it like this, whenever you are going through so much in life, will you huddle up into a tight ball and find a corner to hide in? Or will you stand up with your self-esteem and fight with your inner strength to make it through? The choice is completely up to the person that’s going through their storm. I choose not to allow my storms in my life to victimize me and you should too. Before we bring all the next holidays on-board with gifts, remember that having peace of mind is priceless and never forget that it is a precious gift as well. 


Okay, spiritually I have been seeking clarity from Christ. I haven’t been going to church the way I should be. There is also no excuse for my reasons why, so therefore I won’t waste your reading experience. All I will say that if I can Uber to work, then I sure can Uber to church. Just last week, my little sister found her way to my side of New Orleans. She found her way here by prayer. I haven’t seen or touched my sister in the physical since 2014 and it is now 2016. One of the main reasons for me not seeing her was transportation issues and another reason is because of home life. Going back to my home town of Napoloeonville breaks me down into tears every time. I get choked up whenever I see where I came from. I cry so much that my eyes swell and I get so much anxiety that it’s unreal. Whenever I go back to the place I once called home it makes me feel like I am not grinding enough. It makes me feel like I need to go harder in life. I feel like I must get my people from a shack to a mansion. I’m also not lying nor am I ashamed. It will take more of me allowing God to work through my spirit and less self-disappointment to build my character up. Right now, I am staying strong and finding my way better.


If you did not know I am a YouTuber. I am very outspoken and can take a hell of a lot of criticism from folks. I posted a YouTube video about Albolene about a year ago and I received a lot of negative feedback that had me second guessing my damn self. On top of that negative feedback I had a lot of supporters and positive feedback from people all over the world. I wanted to share my weight loss journey with the world before anything. I wanted to help someone feel confident to show that you can lose water weight with working out and following a few steps. Since, that video I have maintained my weight for the most part. I am going to re-boot my weight lost journey on YouTube and take all that criticism and love and morph it into something beautiful. If you would love to be a special part of my new weight loss journey then click this link to subscribe to my channel.

 Thank you so much for reading. Discover your inner strength each day with 

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