Your spending budget on gifts for Christmas is possibly already tight when the question is popped by a guy in your life who you aren't necessarily dating gets asked. "So, what you buying me?" 

It could probably be a question that you want to answer with a sarcastic question or answer. However, you don't have to wonder too long about a few of the reasons he is wanting a Christmas gift from you. Here are a few reasons why he wants you to buy him a gift, but he isn't your man!

He has been your listening ear and advice giver throughout the past months. 

You both are having sex with each other. 

He has already brought you a gift. 
You have met his family, friends, or both (vice versa.)

He has loaned you money or did things for you without wanting anything back. 

He knows you always are shopping or taking your time when you are in the store.

A gift from you would really mean a lot to him.

He is possibly testing you to see if you really care about him. 

You aren't the only girl who he wants a gift from or will gets a gift from. 
Buying a gift for him will give him something to look forward to and even brag about.  

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