It's time to stop letting your emotions getting the best of you, and that's why you clicked on this post. You are probably the emotional girl, that is labeled the cry baby! It isn't always because Mother Nature is dressed in all red and is right around the corner with her pitch fork in her left hand either. It's time to suck that shit up and place those unnecessary tears that you want to shed in a thought and not an action. Woman the HELL up and learn how to get a better grip on your emotions.

You don't WOMAN UP over night 

It takes time. How much time, that depends all on you. Understand that your upgrade to better handling your emotions should not be a stressful task to accomplish. No one has to hold you by your hand and guide you through this journey

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Think about your reaction before you react. 

Don't allow anyone to rule your thoughts and actions. 

Find ways to improve yourself, and not just mentally, physically, or spiritually. Choose a combination.   

Make time to work on things that you are passionate about. 

Remember that everyone won't understand your vision, your mind-frame, and even your dreams.

Crying doesn't make you weak. Let those tears flow. 

Remember that what people think of you is none of your business. 

Whenever your man or girl friend makes you mad take deep breaths and think of a better way to respond to his comments without clicking out. 

It's better to vent to God first before any one else. 

Don't make decisions on temporary feelings or emotions.

Smile even when your going through a storm. 

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