I know that I am not the only girl who really takes a step back and analyzes the things they go through and what they have currently been through! I want to start a new column on my blog called, "Not to Be Petty" before 2017 arrives. Today's blog talk is basically going to give you my reader advice on what to do when your man's ex is following you on social media. So, I just want you to smile and just know that you're doing something hella right to have her attention the way that you already do. 

There's no reason to question your man, because of his ex's actions. 

Don't go for your man's neck because she is following you on social media. There are way worst things happening in the world to talk to or bug your man about (if you're that type.) Understand that your man doesn't have the answer to his ex's actions. Don't give him a reason to get curious either. 

Keep the personal and relationship issues off social media.

I feel to believe that we all have secret admires of our lives and even our love lives. Of course, outsiders will be watching and it's best to keep more than just a few things private. The less some folks know the better especially when it comes to the things and the people that mean the most to you. 

There are qualities that you have that she didn't and is trying to develop. 

You have the right qualities that she didn't have back then. It's refreshing to know that since moving forward in your relationship or marriage is only going to be more of a legacy being created between the two of you. 

Don't think of her stalking you. Think of her following you on social media as a reminder.

Remind yourself of all the bullshit, lame-ass guys, and heartbreaks you went through before your man walked into your life. Don't be so quick to consider her actions of following you as stalker moves. Think about what led you to now be his woman and for him to now be your man. One man's trash became another man's treasure. One woman's trash became another woman's treasure. 

Stay positive, smile, and brush of the past. 

You deserve to be happy and to smile! Spend no time dwelling on what could have happened and be thankful. P. Diddy said it best, "There is always somebody in life trying to take your spot." You can either let someone's curiosity or even fueled jealousy destroy your sanity only if you allow it to. Laugh it off with your man and make a toast to the future. 

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