This past week was very eye-opening for me. I had to take the opportunity that I gave my damn self to adjust my crown. My crown may be imaginary to some folks, but oh trust me when I say that my crown is there. I believe that often as women a lot of us tend to stray away from the beauty of being unique. We see so many trends on social media, magazines, and even in our everyday lives that we sometimes just can’t help but to want IN. I have fell victim to going through an identity crisis a couple of times in my 23 years of living. 

Identity crisis can arise in our lives whenever we start to question what makes us who we are. We start trying to reinvent ourselves to become another tweaked version of someone else. This is one of the true reasons why so many people can better identify with someone else and not their selves. If someone can not appreciate you and your flaws, then why would you try to explain what should already be understood? If you did take time out to explain yourself then your words would fall upon death ears. 

Adjusting your crown isn’t just a thing to do, because you feel like it is tilting. Adjust your crown because you know your self-worth. Adjust your crown because you resonate with your love to chase your dreams. I remembered being told as a child by a family member, that I was never going to be shit. 
During the time those words were stated, I was 13 years old. Then I was a princess, who still wore a crown. A crown that I did not want to envision on my head. I use to cry as my defense because my word choices were not going to do any justice. 

A crown that was always taken off when people spoke hurtful words against me. I want you to know that you cannot allow your current circumstances to whether away from your dreams. Fulfill your purpose for your calling. No soul is born to just be basic. Live that life that you desire! 

Adjust your crown and stand tall! Remember that everything is truly going to work out for the better. Do not dwell on anything that can hinder you from moving forward in life. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to smile. Adjust your crown, stand tall, and keep pushing forward. 

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