We all can come up with reasons and some of us can come up with some pretty damn good excuses about why we are not chasing our dreams. Very often there may be people who are blinded by their income. They have no desire to branch off and fulfill a dream that may cause them their current lifestyle. These type of people are comfortable where ever they are at in life. They rather help someone else build an empire that can one day or is worth millions or billions of dollars. Therefore, this post is not for them. This post is for that individual that wants to step up and move closer towards their calling. Now allow me to jump more into this topic with you. 

Have you ever truly had quite time to yourself and thought about your next move? I'm talking about that quite time you have when your kid or children have fallen to sleep, that quite time when you are able to take a comforting bath or shower, or even that rare moment when you feel all alone. During those silent moments, what do you think about? Well, I think about my life, blessings, and even my next moves. I do not know about you, but living pay check to pay check is not my ideal way of living that life that I desire to live. 

We all have responsibilities, bills, and people that we care for. However, we can not constantly make excuses for why we are not doing what our hearts desire. We can not find ourselves comparing or even checking up on someone's else's moves and come up's via social media. No matter if you are a king or queen, your worth stands for way more than words can explain. 

Today I want to encourage you to not settle for your job title! Trust me, I understand you love the way that paycheck looks when it deposits into your bank account. It is a fulfilling feeling to see the fruits of your labor pay off. But, what about when you feel like your paycheck isn't enough and you know you bust your ass all of those days to see (your definition of a nice check) in your bank account? Or when your boss does not think you went as hard on the job as you know in your heart that you have done? What if you lost or got fired from a job that you secretly was loving?

Ooooh, I feel like I'm preaching to somebody! Somebody is feeling where I am coming from!

Chasing your dreams should keep you motivated and focus on the things you have faith to see happen and even change in your life. Tune out those nay-sayers and grind! If you are not chasing your dreams; then what the hell are you doing? 

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