I thought that I would just open up and tell you that I am getting dentures in my 20's. At first, I thought that talking about my dental health would just be just as embarrassing as the thought of it. 

However, talking about it makes me feel way more comfortable than the thought of it. If you do not know me at all allow me to introduce myself. My name is Linda Hurd. I am 24 years old and I am a sugar addict. I love sweets and I have just started to learn more about the true importance of taking care of my dental health. This year I will be getting at least five-seven teeth surgically extracted from my mouth. The teeth that I will be getting extracted are mainly in towards the back, sides, upper half, and lower half of my mouth.  

I have suffered from cavities, tooth decay, and broken teeth for years. There are some things that at-home remedies, salt water rinses, and pain killers don't cure. I learned the hard way. I just came back from my local dentist after avoiding going to them for over six months. In those six months of not going to the dentist, of course, my teeth had gotten worse and my dental health took a slight turn for the worst. 

There are a few things that have gotten better since I have last seen my dentist. Those few things are my dental insurance (but it still is not all that), my current money situation and the motivation to finally do something about the issues that are going on in my mouth. I believe that I am now ready to face all my dental issues this year.

Let's be real with each other, people are going to talk! People are going to wonder why am I considering even getting dentures and why I am even sharing this information with you?

Well, I want, to be honest. I am not ashamed to say that I have grown to learn to stop avoiding the truth. There are and will be times in your life that will really try to break your self-esteem and your even puzzle your mind. You have to stay strong throughout it all. 

After all, you only get one life and countless ways yo make the most of it. However, putting off and contemplating with the time you have on this earth will not change any situation for the better. 

I just want to challenge you to step it up! Step up to your fears, and push aside any negative thoughts. I decided that I rather wear dentures in my 20s then to face more dental problems that could have been solved when I first confronted the issue(s) whenever I first knew of them.

Getting dentures for me is one step closer to having a beautiful smile and better dental health. There is not any damn I could give for someone bashing me, because of my teeth. There is someone right now who has plans on getting some sort of surgical procedure done to their body. 

(Their mind is possibly truly set for it too. Therefore, there is no stopping them.)

Growing up, I never truly understood the meaning behind having great dental health or practices. I came from a poor family and made poor decisions with my oral care. 

My family never told me anything about oral care, besides brushing your teeth and using mouthwash every day. 

I also never had a dentist that I went to when I was younger to help me to understand more about oral care. To be real, I can't fault anyone for not teaching me when I was younger.

I understand now that no one truly cared about it. Now that I am older I am learning and correcting things that have happened to my mouth years ago. 

I will keep you all updated on my journey to getting partial dentures in the weeks and months to come. YouTube videos will also be posted to my channel as time passes. I want for you to smile no matter your circumstance right now. 

Know that things will get better. If you hate your smile do something to change it! Start by saving money and getting dental insurance.

Small changes can make for a huge turnout.

Stay encouraged and if you want to share your story or give advice you can do so in the comment box below. 

To email me to talk: lindapatrick1993@gmail.com

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