For the entire month of February and from now on I will be educating my readers on black women that have empowered me and countless other women in America. I believe that as a writer and inspiring author, that I touch on the lives of many black women that have paved the road for women like me who have been blessed with the talent to write and tell amazing stories. Today, I wanted to talk about the life of Ms. Octavia Bulter.

Born on June 22, 1947, in Pasadena, California Octavia was born. She was named after her mother who was Octavia Margaret Guy, a housemaid, and Laurice James Butler, a shoeshine man. Butler had shortly lost her father when she was seven years old. The city of Pasadena was racially integrated. However, it allowed Butler to experience cultural and ethnic diversity in the midst of racial segregation. Butler spent many of her teen years working along aside her mother who cleaned houses of white people only being allowed to enter through the back doors of their homes. Her mother was also treated very wickedly by many of the white homeowners. 

From one of her notebooks

Growing up, was not glitz and glamor for Octavia. She learned that at a very young age that being different came with a cost. A cost that helped her develop her talents in the midst of troubling times. Octavia was not a popular girl. She was actually was awkwardly shy as some depicted her to be, and she also had slight dyslexia. Growing up shy and with dyslexia made her an easy target for bullies to prey on. Octavia even started believing that everything a lot of those bullies use to call her was true.

It was until she developed a passion for reading and started spending long hours passing time at the local Pasadena Public Library that she found her nitch in life. She started writing her own stories. Stories that had substance and she quickly gained interest in writing Science Fiction.

I can honestly say that I have learned a whole lot from the life and legacy of Octavia Bulter. I will leave very informative links about her life if you want to read more about her and her books. Octavia was a go-getter. She was inspired by her passion to keep pushing to a higher calling. She did not allow her mild case of dyslexia keep her from becoming a world-renown best-selling author. Allow me to ask you this, "Is there anything that you allowing to hold you back from your definition of greatness?"

If Ms. Bulter allowed what people had to say about her truly become of her theshehw would not have been a well-known black female author with one hell of a legacy! Therefore, keep pushing towards your goals and passions! Do not allow what people choose to label you, define you! Chase your dreams as if you are in a never ending marathon.

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