Being in love is truly one thing, but sticking it through the end is another. Relationships can truly take us to that level cloud nine John Legend once sung about and they can take us to low levels of depression (that’s only if we allow them too.)

When you and your spouse can not seem to see eye to eye it can be difficult to find someone to talk to about what you are facing in your relationship. Not everyone you choose to vent to will understand your point of view on your spouse or why you are still trying to find a resolution to stick it through. 

 1. Identify the issue or issues in your current relationship. 

During this time of discovering a sound mind it is best that you identify what are the current issues in your relationships. I understand that guys some guys that you date or are even married to can be men that I call “dwellers.” 

Dwellers are not just men. In many cases, women can be dwellers too. Dwellers are the type of people who bring up the past and throw it in your face in a negative way. 

By dwellers bringing up the past and throwing it in your face they steam their past emotions towards you or whoever it may be as a raging fire to make you every upset and to take you back to that level of pain you most likely felt when the issue or issue came about. 

You can type the issues out on a notepad app on your phone or even on write it down on paper. Identifying the issues will bring life to what is truly the problem or problems at hand without not having proper reasons as to why your relationship is crumbing.

2. Keep Your Drama Off Social Media 
Your relationship issues are better left off any of your social media outlets. 

I always get someone saying, 
“So Lynn, you want to tell me what to do on my social media pages, now?

Well, I’m going to throw a little shade and delete the ish later.” I am going to say that the more people you allow to start raising eyebrows about your post alerting them that there is trouble in paradise may be your glass of sweet homemade ice tea. However, the less some people this includes strangers know about your personal life is the better.

3. Do Not Settle for A Half Ass Relationship 

If your man really does not want to compromise and see eye to eye with you then you should not settle. I may sound harsh to some women who feel like they partner is just acting out. However, making excuses for how he is treating you will not solve a thing. 

Think about it this way you are allowing him a get-away free pass to treat you like shit and you’re the ticket master. 

If you continue to settle for his bull shit, then you will never value the love and treatment you deserve.

4.  Understand You Have Nothing to Prove 
Relationships and even marriages can end with time, and time does heal everything (only if you allow it to.) Pattie LaBelle told Oprah best with tear streaming down her face, “I have nothing to prove.” 

My question to you is, 

“Do you have something to prove by sticking out a relationship that is tearing you down and you know that you are faking your happiness for everyone to see?” 

If sticking out your relationship with a man who does not love or is having trouble accepting the woman that you are becoming is weighing you down, then let it go! It is easier said than done, but you have nothing to prove unless you make or have made it a must. 

5. Are You Sticking It Our Because Of Your Child Or Children?
Who’s the one in a relationship or marriage your or children? Who is the person who is dealing with the emotional tolls that your relationship or marriage is causing you? 

Your child or children should not have to see you faking your happiness or their father treating you in very mean and petty ways. Think about how sticking your relationship or marriage out for your child or children will affect you 5 years later.

6. Is he your financial back bone and pays majority of all the bills?

Many women have told me that no matter how bad their man treats them, they cannot up and leave, because their man makes a lot of money and takes care of home. If this is your excuse too, then you really need to evaluate if you’re comfortable with your lifestyle, so much so that you will sacrifice your happiness and peace of mind. 

It would be smart that if you have a personal savings account that you are stashing cash away in every time you see a paycheck or a little extra cash. You need to be able to take care of yourself, child or children and everything that you own with or without him.

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