Weeks 10-12 Of My Pregnancy | Dear Baby Hurd

in , , by Linda B Hurd, April 19, 2017

Dear Baby Hurd, 

I still am thanking God for your life every day. These past two weeks have really been going great for me and your father. In the last letter that you read from me, I told you that your father and I was going through a difficult time with seeing eye to eye. I can now say that we have truly moved passed the bitter sweetness that affected us weeks ago. Mama’s hormones are getting back to normal. I am still a major emotional being as your father always jokes about, however things have been solid.

My mother which is one of your grandmothers is very excited that I am pregnant with you. My mother name is Lilly, can you believe that your grandmother has already bought a whole lot of baby clothes just for you. The funny part about her excitement is that she does not know, just like me or your father what is your gender. Your father’s mother and father Mrs. And Mr. Hurd are also excited to see you and cannot wait to find out your gender too! I hope you are smiling, because you are already deeply loved and you are not even here yet. 

I have been doing a lot of talking to you. Just as much talking as I did when I first found out that I was pregnant with you. I share with you how truly blessed you are and my thoughts on life, bible verses, and even just random things that come to mind. There have been days that I have just laid in the bed and wonder what will you be like? 

Will you be just as understanding, bubbly, and on fire for Jesus as I imagine you to be? To be honest, I pray that you grow to learn and cherish the essence of Jesus within your spirit. 

Also, I want you to know that you have not caused Mama no nausea or even morning sickness these past two weeks. You have Mama feeling almost back to her normal self. I have been super gassy and I think that I am going to TRY to stray away from red beans and rice for your father’s well-being. I felt bad for him since he kept smelling my farts and I’m sure he needed a gas mask! Lol!

Baby Hurd, Mama knows you probably was loving those red beans and rice, but you really took my flatulence to a totally different level. I think that it is so funny and adorable too! You probably are reading this letter thinking, “Oh my God, Mama!”

Like I have been stated, I won’t sugar coat the truth for you. In this world that you shall come into, it is very cold-hearted and the most vicious people with evil intentions will sugar coat the truth and sell it to your ears as if it was candy. You will learn all that your father and I will eventually teach you. Hopefully, you love skillet meals when you grow older as much as you do while in my belly too. Mama loves you unconditionally. 

Until the next letter.

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  1. This is a Beautiful, Touching and Heart felt read. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the work you are doing . I enjoy your Positivity and Truth. I'm glad I visited your blog too.

    1. Thank you oh so much for reading my blog post and connecting on a deeper heart felt level with me.