Does your man make you feel insecure about yourself? I am here to encourage you and let you know that you do not have to suffer in silence. I truly understand how difficult it may be to reach out and talk to another woman about your current insecurities that are being sparked from your relationship or marriage. As you continue to read this blog post, I am going to give you a few reasons why your man is probably making you feel insecure. Are you ready? Let’s go.

He has a very active lifestyle and social media presence.

Your man can possibly be the type that is a very social being. He loves getting out of the house and hanging out with friends until the wee hours. He also may have a very active presence on social media and loves being an online flirt. His lifestyle could be one of the very reasons why you really want him to make a drastic change for you. 

He compares you to other women.

Well, for many men they already have that ideal girlfriend or wifey type sketched out in his mind. If he works with around a lot of women, has friends that have girlfriends or wives, or really is a social media lurker then he might just find himself slipping up with comparing you to another woman. 

You may already be slightly insecure with your body weight, current job, or even your overall style. It wouldn’t take him long to figure out your weak points and take jabs at you even if he claims that he is just playing.

He makes more money than you and rather you be a housewife.

You have probably complained about your job to him and he went on to suggest that you should just quit and let him worry about the bills. What he said most likely bothered you, especially if going to work is the only time during the week you interact with people. You know your worth and you rather still bring in your own money, so it may make you feel insecure with feeling locked in and away from the world if you decided to not work.

Y’all hardly ever go out together or take photos.

“I don’t feel like going anywhere. How many times I have to say this?” 
“Why we have to take a picture every time we go somewhere?” 

Those maybe two of the comments he makes when you would love to be taken out on a date or even take photos with him. He is never in the mood and it makes you feel like you aren’t good enough or fine enough to be seen with him. But, do not worry Queen you are beautiful and you are worthy of so much better.

 You feel like he is wasting your time.

There has came a time and it is now to the point to where you can not take any more of feeling down about yourself. You understand and value your peace of mind enough to let him go. You feel like he does make you insecure on purpose. You are ready to part ways even if it is just to clear your head and give you both some time apart. 

If you have any stories or advice to share please feel free to comment below. 

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