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in , by Linda B Hurd, May 25, 2017

Dear Baby Hurd,

According to a few baby apps that like to use fruits as measurements to keep track of how you are growing, you have grown from the size of an apple to a pomegranate. Baby, you have grown a whole lot! You are now almost 1 pound and of course Mama has put on close to 20 pounds in these past four months. To many people I am not showing, however I know you are inside of me having the time of your life.

17 weeks and 4 days

On this Tuesday, your daddy and I found out your gender during my second and last ultrasound. Your daddy was filled with so much excitement, while watching you move around on the screen. I was crying tears of happiness as the ultrasound technician explained to both your daddy and I what we were seeing on the screen. 

Oh, and you are a very active baby with a lot of personality too! Can you believe you grabbed your little man hood and held it while we the ultrasound technician was trying to measure you? Your daddy, of course knew that you are going to be a lot like him just from that moment!

17 weeks and 3 days

He also was saying that he knew you were a boy for the past few months and the ultrasound was just confirmation! I was laughing, but deep down in my heart I knew that God did not make any mistakes when he blessed me with you. 

We still have not came up with any names for you just yet, even though I do have one in mind. Your father wants you to be a JR. But, I have other plans for your name. We are not bumping heads about it, because he wants to choose another name for you too. So far, a few people that matter know you’re a healthy baby boy and were just as excited for me and your daddy as we are. My mother (your grandmother Lilly) thought you were going to be a girl, and now she has insisted on buying more boy clothing to even out the spending she has already done. Your father's parents Mama and Daddy Hurd are very excited to now start shopping since now they know they are buying for their grandson.

One of the balloons we bought.

Last night, after I prayed I sat in bed and read you three bed time stories. I felt like you probably were not sleep yet and wanted to stay up and hear me talk. We bonded, yet again last night. I had tears building up in my eyes, because I still could not believe God has blessed me to carry you. Everything is still so surreal. I pray that I can feel you move inside of me in these next few weeks. I really want to experience more of you before you make it here. 

These past few months have truly flew by and I truly want to document as much as I can before you make it here. I’m super eager to teach you about loving Jesus whole-heartily. I can’t wait to experience motherhood. Until the next letter Mama loves you always.


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