When the month of June started I was mending together the mentally scattered pieces of my relationship with my little sister that started to no longer exist. We fell out and she was someone that I thought I would never grow apart from. I always thought that nothing would interfere with our bond. However, she changed in ways I never imagined. Our communication has always been one-sided. I always did the phone calling or texting and she would be the one replying.

I decided to give her the necessary space that she needed. It started to seem as if I was beginning to bother her with phone calls to check up on her and the family. She started not answering and within weeks, I followed my heart and stopped calling. As you read these words, there are truly tears streaming down my face. I had to shake back and rethink what it meant to just vent to God and writing it all down in my journals. You see I felt like not only I lost a bond with my sister, but with the only girl that I considered my best friend. God had a reason for splitting us apart and I am thankful for the mentally clarity that I now have. 

I placed the scattered pieces of that relationship in the back of my mind. I was happy that my little brother understood how I felt and my mother. Their reassurance gave me peace of mind. With that peace of mind, I went on into the days of this month. If you are an avid reader of my blogs then you would know that I am currently a bank teller and I am pregnant. 

My work life has truly been very stressful for me these past two weeks. I haven’t been balancing or getting any referrals and my job just dangles on a weak thread before my eyes. I don’t know about you, but have you ever have thoughts or dreams about being fired before you can give them your two weeks’ notice? 

Well, I really have been feeling more uncomfortable than ever before. When among my co-workers I just feel like I truly am the weakest bank teller in my branch. I can say that I have been smiling through it all while still creating more goals to accomplish for myself. Right now, my focus is getting what God has in store for me. I want to be in the midst of his glory and works for my life this year. On this past Thursday, when I did not balance and things hit the fan hard; my spirit told me that everything was going to be alright. I wanted to cry.

 I wanted to say that, 
“I don’t understand why all of the bad things are constantly happening to me?” 

I didn’t. I remembered that if it is in God’s will for me to be let go by my job then it shall be. I remembered that I have dreams that are way bigger than being a bank teller. I remembered that God has already equipped me with the essentials to excel to the next level in life. I am covered by his favor. You see I had to speak over myself.

No one else was going to do it for me. When life starts to knock you down to your knees you are in the perfect position to pray. My question to you today is what do you do when life knocks you down to your knees? I want to encourage you that you do not have to allow your trials and tribulations to tear you down. If someone wants to walk out of life, allow them. If your job is tearing you down, push through. Encourage yourself through your storms. You always have a reason to smile!  

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