Last night, I had a huge argument with my husband. We have been married for now over three years and together going on eight. We always argued. I mean, I guess that’s what people do. However, ever since I have gotten pregnant the arguing has become more and more intense. When I say intense, I mean in ways that would raise your blood pressure rapidly too. If you have read my pervious blog then you would be caught up with what’s been going on in my life. You can read that blog post by simply clicking here.

I been toying with the thought of giving marriage advice for women that are going through tough situations. I was married at 21 years old and people truly said that I was too young to get married. However, I tuned those people out. In fact, we both did and we tied the knot. 
My first year being married was a year of a lot of screaming, yelling, cussing, and fighting. It was not all peachy, because we still were not living in the fulfillment of God.

 It was like every time we fought and when we fought we fought hard I found myself in rage asking God, “Why did I even get married?” During that time, I had my little sister to talk to and she helped me really keep my focus on the good. The good that hurts when all you can see is and feel is pain. The good that helped me seek God when I knew that I needed Him to strengthen not only me or my husband, but our marriage. 

These days have short and the nights have been long. Long nights of disagreements and smart remarks that leave you second guessing a divorce. So, the question is, “Linda do you feel like you had gotten married too young?”

My answer is, “No.” No, because God knew what he was doing when he placed me with my husband. God makes no mistakes. I feel like my marriage was not a mistake. However, my approach to my marriage has been. I refuse to allow my unborn child to come into this world and witness how much me and his father fuss. We have gone now close to 5 months ever since I have found out I was pregnant without taking any photos. My husband response is that, “He isn’t the photo taking type. Nor, do he even like taking photos.” I on the other hand just have learned to accept it the same way I have accepted the way things are now. 

I would love a change, but a change doesn’t just take one person in a marriage. A change takes two. I believe that I can give the most amazing marriage advice to couples’ that are young, old, and even those who are ready to exchange vows. I just felt compelled by the spirit to vent about my marriage. 

A topic that many people haven’t heard or read me talk about. There are times that I get lonely and I feel like I can’t even talk to my own husband, because of having thoughts about his reaction. Here is some advice, marriage is what you make of it. My marriage needs a whole lot of work to last in the years come. Yes, I have felt embarrassed of sharing the downs of my marriage with many people. But those downs do eventually look up. 

For any woman, who is having a rough marriage just know that there are women like me who needs your sound advice. Women like me who can learn and pray with you. Women like me who would respect your choice to be open and passionate about helping save someone’s marriage. You all have amazing and great advice to share. I believe that God will empower a change. He has already equipped both me and my husband with the necessary guidance to move forward in the path He has already pave for us. I am ready for better and I am praying for a break through.

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