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in , by Linda B Hurd, July 17, 2017

Dear Baby, 

You have grown oh so much in these past five weeks that I am truly blow away whenever I just think about it. According to one of my baby apps that use fruits and vegetables to track your size, you have grown from the size of a coconut that is 10.5 inches long to the size of a cauliflower that is 13.5 inches long and weighs almost two pounds! 

Over these past four weeks, I have started to feel your kicks! It’s an exciting feeling that makes me playfully poke you to feel your response, which is another kick. I have been having morning sickness with you too, since hitting my second trimester, which is very surprising. My morning sickness comes and goes and can sneak up on me at least once or twice every week. Having morning sickness has not stopped me from remaining positive or keeping on throughout my day. 

I find peace within our journeys to work in the morning when I am walking. Strangers look at me like I am crazy to be walking to work and pregnant, because they are in their cars passing me by, but I don’t mind their looks. Neither do I care about their thoughts. I know that when God sees and knows that I can have my very own car I shall have just that. As of right now, we are doing just fine and are still making it from point a to point b on time. 

You father and I have also decided to change your name to Eli Alan Hurd instead of Alan Eli Hurd. I think that this is the last and final change to your name that we will make. We are still taking in the reality that we are about to become your parents in the next three months! I guess it’s because it has always just been your father and I plus our big guinea pig named Bella. 

There has not been any connection with me and any one besides my coworkers too. I went under a slight stage of depression around 22 weeks of being pregnant. I was starting to really feel alone and that my life was lacking the love and excitement that I THOUGHT I should have been receiving too. 

Things between your father and I was getting rocky again and I really was undergoing another stressful period during this pregnancy. In my mind, when I use to envision this time in my life I always envisioned my family being here for me and having a tight circle of a few friends. Fast forward to reality, I have a dysfunctional family, a husband, and a few amazing coworkers. I’m currently fighting back tears. I know that this is how God designed for my life to be, so I cannot complain about the way it is. 

I’m thankful for having a supportive husband and even a social media platform to vent to thousands of people about my life. I have learned that it is best for me to keep many things personal and just keep them on paper instead of airing it out to the world.

I’m counting down the months, days, and weeks until I am on maternity leave and prepping everything for your arrival. I plan on having my prayer life intact for the next 14 and a half weeks before you get here. I have a lot of more saving and spending money on your essentials to do too.

I just pray that I make an amazing mother to you Eli. 

I can’t wait that moment I finally push you out of my womb and the nurse place you on my chest. We will be skin to skin and I will thank Jesus for you. Just the thought of seeing your face makes me know how much of a change you will bring upon and within not only my life but your father’s life as well. Until the next letter, baby boy.



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