God Will Get Me Thru

in , , , , by Linda B Hurd, December 04, 2017
About a week ago from today I was sitting with my laptop in my lap on my sofa with my hands on my head stressed. Yes, I was stressed and my anxiety was low-key through the damn roof. Now why my nerves were so bad?

Well, all that entire week I just kept thinking about my well-being, finances, and being a better provider. It's been since October since I held down a job and not having my own money since having my son really was getting to me. 

Truth be told I have always been a very independent woman. I love going to make groceries or just shopping period, and being able to pay for everything I picked up with MY very own money.

It makes me feel really good to be able to shop and not have to ask my husband to pay for what I want or need. It spirals from being a child and teenager growing up poor and always being told that I can't have this or that. My people only saw money at the beginning of the month due to social security and food stamps. 

By the second week of the month, there was hardly any food in the refrigerator or money to spend on personal expenses. I was basically struggling and surviving the majority of my life. The feeling of entitlement was not a reason why I felt or even feel like I deserve better in life. I believe my motivation and aspiration to seek better is what drives me. 

I never get comfortable with any place God settles me in life either. There are times that I do and have found myself wondering if I can start a business from the ground up and be successful. 

Then reality hits and I realize the only thing that I need to be seriously trying to sell is my books and online courses that I will be leveling up in the near future. Often I think about my life as it is and how God is working everything out in advance for me. I want to encourage you or someone else out there by saying God will get you through.

Dear Heavenly Father, 

I want to thank you for breath in my body. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and never forsaking me. I come to you in prayer right now surrendering my soul to you. I understand that it is your will to see me through the good and the bad. I ask that you take control of my life, mind, and spirit. Show and direct me in the way and down the path that you want for me to go. Erase the negative thoughts that have been on my mind about myself and life. With-store in me a clearer vision of that individual you want for me to be. In your heavenly name, I pray, 
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