My natural hair journey began in July 2011. I was becoming a junior in high school and no longer did I want to deal with my then relaxed hair. I felt like I wasn't living the vision of who I knew I had the potential to be. I also couldn't afford to go to the salon every couple of months to keep up with my new growth and the rest of my relaxed hair.

When it came to be being a very adventurous shopper I wanted to treat my hair with the most love that I knew I was able to provide. Growing up my mother loved shopping for new hair products every month to try on my sister and my natural hair. I'm talking the works for naturals like shampoos, conditioners, hair greases, and hair milks! 

Our natural hair never knew what being dry felt like. As a child I fell in love around the age of 10 years old with the experience of trying so many different hair products. As I started to get older my love and curiosity grew for trying out hair products. Simply just walking into a Beauty Supply store was my ideal candy store! (However, I still have cavities that need to be filled.)

The more I wanted to try the more my mama said no. She couldn't afford my hobby or fund my growing obsession. At school, many of my classmates just knew I was going to school for cosmetology. I stayed with the latest black hair magazine and my hair was always styled.

However, going to school for cosmetology wasn't one of my passions. I admired the craft from afar. I just was curious about how my hair grew and what worked for me. 

Once I graduated from high school and moved to a city my product junkieness re-kindled. I had a job and my husband and I had moved into our very first apartment. It was on and popping! (In my old school Chris Breezy singing voice.)

The natural hair movement was growing rapidly across the world and so were my selections in the stores. I could not help my damn self. I even started bleaching my hair and experimenting with using hair colors. 

This time frame was around 2014 and I was ready to tell the world my thoughts on hair products that I spent my hard earned coins on. 

I already had a YouTube channel and transformed my channel into a natural hair channel and discovered, even more, other women and men who also were natural hair product junkies like myself! 

I didn't feel alone anymore. My husband supported me with my obsession and enjoyed seeing how my hair turned out in the end too. As my love for natural hair products grew so did my stash. I had more hair products than places to put them.

Plus, many of the hair products were not even usable due to the ingredients that did not play well with my hair. Within months I had two plastic storage bins full and underneath my bathroom sink. 

Whenever I was finished paying my half of the bills and getting the remainder of the essentials for myself and place my play money went to purchasing more hair products. I couldn't help myself! I mean I had to learn to find help for myself.

I still love browsing the aisles of Wal-Mart, Sally's, and even beauty supply stores to re-up on hair products and to even discover new ones. The feeling never gets old to me.

Especially now that I know what I am looking for in a hair product when I do go shopping.

My product reviews drop every couple of weeks or even weekly on my YouTube channel. My growing my subscriber count increases weekly. I value dropping trusted natural hair product reviews online without sugar coating the truth.

My product purchasing slowed down once I found the hair products and their ingredients that play well on my hair and scalp. I downsized my product stash and my expenses that were spent on hair products a month drastically.

I have learned that it's not the number of hair products that you own, but indeed the quality of the hair products. 

You don't have to overly spend money on hair products in gorgeous packaging because your favorite possibly sponsored natural hair YouTuber loves using it. Take time to understand what ingredients play well with your hair type and texture. 

Learn about your hairs porosity and more about the climate in your area. There are many factors that come into play when deciding what hair products you want to spend your money own and invest in. Be wise and take the time to understand that every natural hair product junkie has a story and not an underlying spending issue.

Check out my latest natural hair product review here.

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