I spent a lot of time during this 2017 year of going hard for my damn self. Growing my brand from the mud. I took time out to give myself shout outs left and right.

It didn't matter if I was promoting my YouTube channel or my blog; I found ways to market my talents. I did not ask any one to help promote or market me either.

I understood years ago that I do not appeal to a lot of folks, and to be cool with that. I had to learn never stop going hard for myself. There is an elusive art to grinding that no one is going to take your hand and show you the ropes to.

You must be your own damn cheerleader in this life. Won’t no one force you to chase your damn dreams. You must want to chase your dreams yourself. Just last year, I had to put my dreams into drive mode and focus on my come up.  

Relying on friends, coworkers, or even family members to gas me up is not an option.

You don’t have to think that grabbing a pair of pom-poms and doing a couple of high kicks (if you can) will make you look crazy. If you don’t root for your damn self, you should not count on everyone else too.

We need to provide ourselves with the love, kindness, and respect we all deserve and desire. Learning to love ourselves can be an ongoing process as we occasionally fall into the trap of believing we’re stupid, worthless, no good, etc. (via wingsfortheheart)

There will be times of self-doubt, but we must learn to push forward. 

When you are your own cheerleader you don’t just take constant water breaks while cheering during the game of life. You cheer through the hardships. 

You encourage yourself to keep going no matter what.

I want to encourage you to keep the faith and to not back down from anything that revolt against you! As we step into 2018 be to encourage and inspired to go hard for yourself! 

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